Bleach Bangs Radio discusses Motley Crue, AC/DC, and Van Halen and should they hang it up?

bb hangups

Well, like that irritating rash, WE’RE BACK!!! We at Bleach Bangs Radio are exploring out options to infiltrate your ear holes and burrow into your brains. This time we decided to discuss some bands and their lifespans. Should they pull the plug? Should the defibrillators be hooked up to them? Check out the show right here:

     Afterwards let us know your thoughts. Pay attention as well because you just might have your chance to participate in an upcoming Bleach Bangs show yourself!!!

     -Bleach Bangs crew

Hangin’ with Sworn Enemy


Had a blast hanging out and talking with Sworn Enemy! Thanks to Mike Araiza for camera operations a nd editing the video! Here the conversation with the guys:

     Thanks go out to Sal, Matt, Mike, Jeff, and Taykwuan of Sworn Enemy, and Tom George for hooking this up!

     Check out Sworn Enemy online:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s SWORN ENEMY!!!

     -the Hellion

Having a conversation with Red Sky Mary


Hot on the heels of my review of the upcoming Red Sky Mary release River Child, I was able to score a conversation with Sam and Tom from the band.



We had a great time talking and I would like to share it with you right here:

     Thanks again to Red Sky Mary and Carved Records! Check them out online at:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s RED SKY MARY!!!

     -the Hellion

Red Sky Mary – There is hope for new Rock N’ Roll

red Sky mary

I don’t know how I came across Red Sky Mary, but I am glad that I did. The minute I listened to their music it was if a defibrillator shocked me back to life. REAL bluesy Rock N’ Roll music from a new band. The music that I found on you tube took me back to the time when it was all about the music and not the paycheck.  I used my internet detective skills and hunted down their contact info and was rewarded by a quick response from their label Carved Records. In the process of locking down an interview with Red Sky Mary I was given an advance listen to their upcoming release River Child which drops on May 12. River Child is everything I expected and then some! Soulful vocals that reach right in to you and tickles your inner self, LOUD guitar riffs that get the job done with being over pretentious, a rhythm section worthy of the power bands of old, and old school haunting harmonies. Hailing from Portsmouth, NH Red Sky Mary is made up of: Sam Vlasich (Vocals), Tom Boisse (Guitar), Gary Boisse (Bass), Barrett Goeman (Drums).

River Child is a 10 song shot in the arm to straight up Rock N’ Roll. The tracks are:

1. “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose”
2. “Payback”
3. “Gone”
4. “Run Ragged”
5. “South OF The City”
6. “Howl”
7. “Pride”
8. “I Will Wait For You”
9. “Too Much”
10. “River Child”

     Stand out tracks for me are “I will Wait For You” which reminds me of the Black Crowes in their heyday. Blues based and soulful it drags all kinds of emotions out of you with it haunting melodies and vocals. The Album opener “All Hell’s Breaking Loose” is just that hell does break loose on this raucous track. A feel good rocker that will make you want to gather you best buds and ride around with the windows down and the music cranked. An infectious chorus with have you singing along with your fists in the air. The title track “River Child” carries you along with a cool groove. Again, the vocals and harmonies are top notch and rival many of the great bands from the past. “Howl” which is the lead off single will have you doing just that. Your blood will begin pumping and you will fell the magic of pure Rock N’ Roll course through your body.

     Red Sky Mary has a definite throwback sound to them and yet their sound remains fresh as well. I get the feeling this is band making music for the sake of making music. I would give the new Red Sky Mary release a 15 out of 10 stars in my book. This record has a definite spot in my top 10 of 2015 and is a contender for number 1.

     Some say Rock N’ Roll is dead, I laugh in their faces because bands like Red Sky Mary prove them wrong. Keep Rockin’ fellas because it’s working. Be sure to check them out online at:

     It’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Red Sky Mary!!!

     -the Hellion

Skid Row or Skid No?



     I find myself again in the position of commenting on a band who has made multiple vocalist changes. The first time I heard Skid Row was when I heard “Youth Gone Wild” from their self titled release in 1989. I, like so many others,  was blown away by the powerhouse vocals of Sebastian Bach. Upon further listening I came to realize the talent that the entire band held as song writers and musicians. The three studio releases with Sebastian: Skid Row, Slave To The Grind, and Subhuman Race were all fantastic and still get their fair share of play from me.

     It saddened me when I heard Skid Row had parted ways with Sebastian in 1996. There was a brief stint where Sean McCabe (Shawn Mars) picked vocal duties before they settled on Johnny Solinger.

     Johnny and Skid row released Thickskin, Revolutions Per Minute, United World Rebellion: Chapter One, and Rise of the Damnation Army – United World Rebellion: Chapter Two. I had managed to catch them a couple of times with Johnny and felt he did a bang up job and was a good fit with the band. I even managed to squeeze in an interview with guitarist Dave “the Snake” Sabo with my cohort Charlie Owens. Things were good within the Skid Row camp, or so we thought.

     On April 6th the news was released that Skid Row had parted ways with Johnny Solinger and had picked up Tony Harnell as their new vocalist.

     I am very familiar with the vocal stylings of Tony Harnell and TNT. I have always liked Tony and his voice is powerful and great for Rock N’ Roll music. Would he fit the mighty Skid Row? We would see….

     April 13th 2015- I was forwarded a newly recorded version of “18 And Life” with new vocalist Tony and……was not blown away. While the elements for this formula were all stellar, something about it just fell flat for me. I haven’t counted them out yet as I will wait to see what their NEW work will sound like. I just don’t understand why they had to revisit that classic song.

     So far Skid Row has had five, yes five vocalists:

     Matt Fallon (1986-1987)

     Sebastian Bach (1987 – 1996)

     Sean McCabe (Shawn Mars) (1997–1998)

     Johnny Solinger (1999 – 2015)

     Tony Harnell (2015 –

     Only time will tell if Skid Row has made the right decision with this move. I will always remain hopeful of a Sebastian Bach reunion although I think it will only remain on my wish list.

     Skid Row, or Skid No, what is your take on the matter?

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Rock N’ Roll!!!

     -the Hellion

Talkin’ with UFO bassist Rob De Luca

ImageProxy (2)




Having been a long time UFO fan, I jumped at the chance to sit down with bassist Rob De Luca. I have had Rob on my radar for a few years now and was excited to learn of his addition to the UFO lineup. We had a great conversation and are sharing it with you here:

     Thanks to Rob, UFO, and Jon Freeman for making this happen. Be sure to check out the new UFO release “A Conspiracy Of Stars”.

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Rock N’ Roll!!!

     -the Hellion

Bar Bands, Bar Bands, Bar Bands…2

2014-02-03 17.57.33


First off I want to thank you all for the overwhelming response to last nights Bar Bands post. I was however, reminded of a few more things regarding bar bands and I am addressing them now.

Promoters, you need to do just that. I have seen an unfortunate trend as of late with putting up an event page on social media sites, dusting off your hands and calling it a day. I am sorry that is not good enough, period. I cannot tell you how many times at the last minute I get a message “hey you coming to the show tonight?” and because of the lack of show promotion this is the first time I hear of the show. Shame on you, shame. You are doing the band a complete disservice to say the least. EVERYONE should know about a show you put together.

Club owners, pay the bands a decent rate!!!!! These guys are traveling on their own usually on limited means throughout the country. Club owners wake up because you know they are talking to each other about clubs to play in and which to avoid. Imagine if you treat a band decently and they spread the word and you have bands knocking your door down to play your venue. Word gets around, locals will see the bands are dying to play your venue and will be beating your door down to attend.

Promoters and Club owners, ADVERTISE!!!!!! There are usually on most towns several means of advertising the show.  If people don’t know, they wont go!!! If you work with the advertising outlets I am sure a bond can be made and some kind of deal can be made.

Lastly, remember these bands are providing us a service and we should be thanking them.

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Rock N’ Roll!!!

-the Hellion