Crowned By Fire – Burning up the world!


Imagine if you will, a secret lab with test tubes, computers, and things beyond comprehension. Hunched over a computer screen, and wearing a “Lemmy is God” t-shirt, is that small quiet unassuming guy you always see standing off to the side at shows. Further imagine, that this guy collected bits and pieces of this and that at those shows and secreted them away to said secret lab. Taking part Motorhead, Black Sabbath, and Black Label Society he created a force of DOOM beyond belief: CROWNED BY FIRE. Now, this didn’t really happen but it seems like it. The first time I listened to “Prone To Destroy” two thoughts went through my head: What the hell just happened and it’s over already? This band and this CD grabs hold and never lets you go. My first go around I pressed replay three times. I shook myself free from the amazement and said out loud, “Why isn’t the world talking about this band?” I then knew my mission: Spread the word to EVERYONE!!! Don’t believe what you just read?  or and see for yourself!


Music has always been a part of my life and I always leaned towards the heavier bands. Times and trends change as does the music world.Some bands tend to gravitate towards where the trends lie and this alienates some fans. Not Crowned By Fire, they stand true to the music that shaped them. Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Ozzy, Black Label Society, Deep Purple are some the Rock Royalty that come to mind when listening to Crowned By Fire.  Prone To Destroy was recorded over the span of  5 weeks in the Tuscan Hills of Florence, Italy at the prestigious Larione 10 Studios. The band signed with  label Digital Media Records in June 2011 with “Prone To Destroy” being released shortly afterward. Album cover artwork was done byartist Sam Shearon. If you want your faith restored in Rock n’ Roll pick this CD up, turn it up to 11, open all the windows, throw your fist in the air, and smile Rock n’ Roll is ALIVE!!!

1. I Spit on your Curse 4:23

2. Sex With A Ghost 5:33

3. Witch In The Window

4. Get Under The dirt 6:03

5. Black Moon Shine 7:40

6. Shake The Bag 5:48

7. I Am The Crime 6:27

8. Tombs Ov Oblivion 7:18

9. As Above So Below 4:47

10. Vulture With a Rifle 4:16

11. Prone To Destroy 5:53

Watch the OFFICIAL video for “Witch in the Window” here:

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