Elvis Presley- a Discussion on the King.


I was recently discussing music with a brother of mine Josh Reece when the subject turned to Elvis. I have decided to dedicate a blog to talking about the influence Elvis had on music and artists. It has recently come in to my thoughts of why we listen to the music that we do. I can only imagine the stirrings that Elvis felt when he heard  rhythm and blues music for the first time. It must have burned right through him and ignited his spirit. He brought this music to the eyes and ears of the world and tried to share his passion with everyone. This passion caught hold and took the world by storm and carried on in the hearts and souls of others. Some did not find inspiration from him and yet because they tried to NOT sound like him there was STILL an influence. Because of Elvis we got the Beatles who wanted to be Elvis. Because of The Beatles we got Ozzy, Kiss, and so many others who wanted to be The Beatles. So, do yourself a favor and look up some Elvis videos, read some Elvis history and see what it was all about. Here is the video link for “Jailhouse Rock” to get you started:


4 thoughts on “Elvis Presley- a Discussion on the King.

  1. I am a big Elvis fan,though my little girl is the biggest fan of all,considering she wouldn’t go to sleep unless Elvis’s Teddy bear was playing.So i took her to Grace land when she was about 6yr old,,, she talked the guard (who i knew for years) into a privet tour and she got to sit on his jungle room couch,,,she took right up around 300 pics…And she wants to go back…Just going to his house made her want to be famous…lol..Now she is is 10 and she is a model and actress…Next she wants to try out music world…

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