HELLYEAH -Band Of Brothers CD review


December 08 2004 is a day that is burned in my memory forever. I  remember hearing of the loss of Dime and sitting in disbelief. I cannot even begin to imagine the feelings Vinnie had. If we would’ve never heard from him again it would have been understandable. Yet he soldiered on and gave us Hellyeah. On July 17th 2012 we were treated to the third release Band Of Brothers. Produced by Vinnie and Hellyeah the CD kicks your ass from start to finish. Bringing the brutality one comes to expect from Hellyeah. The standout track for me is “Bigger God” The lyrics  “If I’m taken for granted, I won’t be treated like a fucking dog. Now that I’ve had enough of all of you, I’m going to build a bigger god” just reach me on so many levels. Glad to see Vinnie has chosen to carry on and give us music that is real. Do yourself a favor and grab this CD, see them on tour, and spread the word. HELLYEAH!!! Check out the video for “Band of Brothers” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2tcYuSwc88 http://www.hellyeahband.com/ http://www.facebook.com/hellyeahband

1. “War In Me” 3:35
2. “Band Of Brothers” 4:45
3. “Rage/Burn” 4:41
4. “Drink Drank Drunk” 3:56
5. “Bigger God” 4:39
6. “Between You And Nowhere” 4:16
7. “Call It Like I See It” 4:00
8. “Why Does It Always” 3:20
9. “WM Free” 5:02
10. “Dig Myself A Hole” 3:15
11. “What It Takes To Be Me” 3:31

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