Classic CD review – KISS: Rock and Roll Over


There are CDs that you always go back to. There are CDs that you can listen from start to finish. There are CDs that can transport you in time and space to a different world. This CD is all of that for me. KISS is one of the many bands who had an impact on my life. So much so that I have the cover art inked on my arm. Rock and Roll Over  takes me back to a time when life was fun and rock and roll was about having a good time. This was a time when KISS was still shrouded in mystery. When you went to a RECORD STORE (look it up if you are confused, LOL) and grabbed the vinyl copy and ran home to your room and cranked it up!.  The guitars, druming, bass, and vocals on this devil may care record never cease to amaze me. My standout tracks are “Calling Doctor Love”  “Mr. Speed” and “Take Me”. If you’ve never heard KISS or think you don’t like KISS give this selection a try, you might change your mind.

1. “I Want You” Paul Stanley Stanley 3:04
2. “Take Me” Stanley, Sean Delaney Stanley 2:56
3. Calling Dr. Love Gene Simmons Simmons 3:44
4. “Ladies Room” Simmons Simmons 3:27
5. “Baby Driver” Peter Criss, Stan Penridge Criss 3:40
6. “Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em” Simmons Simmons 3:47
7. “Mr. Speed” Stanley, Delaney Stanley 3:18
8. “See You in Your Dreams” Simmons Simmons 2:34
9. Hard Luck Woman Stanley Criss 3:34
10. “Makin’ Love” Stanley, Delaney Stanley 3:14

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