Motley Crue / Kiss The TOUR – The REVIEW!


It was a cloudy night at the Hard Rock Pavilion in Albuquerque NM. The sky threatened rain, thunder rumbled in the distance. Despite the looming storm the masses were gathering for this EPIC show. Kiss AND Motley Crue in ONE show!!! The crowd was a mix a many diverse peoples. Old to very young, long hair, short hair, male, female, obvious rockers to regular joes, they were all there. There was a mix of Kiss and Crue shirts from all eras of said bands. There were even the diehard fans in full makeup and costume while some had just the facepaint. The show was opened by a fresh young band from the UK called The Treatment.  Check ’em out at These young lads brought some good hard rockin’ party music. They received a decent reaction from the crowd. I personally enjoyed their sound and hard charging energy. It was great to see a new band get this opportunity to open for two music icons. The Treatment will definitely stay on my radar. I hope to make contact with them and try to do an interview on our radio show Bleach Bangs Radio



A light wind kicked up and brought a sprinkle of rain with it. One of these gusts blew the curtain aside enough to see Tommy Lee’s rollercoaster drum kit. We were in for an experience with this show. As usual Motley Crue took the stage like madmen. People on stilts, strange costumed individuals, flag bearers all heralded the arrival of THE CRUE!  The stage set up was extraordinary, giant fans, lights, pyro, rollercoasters oh my! The band sounded tight as ever launching into Crue classics that we all know and love. Two songs in however, the house lights came up and the show was paused to announce a severe lightning storm in the area. As if on cue the rain got heavier and lightning indeed began striking near the place. The crowd stood their ground and waited it out. 20 minutes later it was on again. Motley took us through their set with old as well as newer songs. Tommy Lee’s drum solo/roller coaster ride was nothing short of amazing. He even brought a fan up to ride (congrats to Garrett). Nikki Sixx at one point had a flamethrower bass that spouted out a 10 foot flame. Nikki also brought up a young kid who had an Ace Frehley costume and makeup, that was very cool. Mick Mars still had the killer hooks and riffs he is known for. Vince Neil was on solid form leading this wild and crazy show as the ringmaster. Not a disappointing moment in the set. The funniest moment of the night was during “Girls Girls Girls”. They were running pictures of various women throughout history when lo and behold, a JUSTIN BIEBER pic was in the mix! Kudos to MOTLEY CRUE!



Like deities from above the force that is KISS descended to the main stage from a platform high above. They hit the stage running and never stopped. The rain was continuous but the fans and KISS didn’t care. This was my first time seeing KISS with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer in makeup. I was at first was skeptical  about the choice of allowing them to take on the iconic personas of Ace and Peter but by shows end I was impressed. As with The Crue KISS played classic as well as contemporary songs (including “Hell or Hallelujah” from the upcoming MONSTER release. Gene Simmons did his classic moves of breathing fire and blood spitting and it was still as entertaining as when I first saw them done in 1978. Paul Stanley goaded the crowd into screaming his name to encourage him to “fly” out to a small stage in the middle of the venue. Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer put on a spectacular pyro performance which ended with Eric firing off a LAW rocket. Note for note the songs were perfect for the crowd to experience the spectacle of KISS. They closed the house down with their encore of “Rock and Roll All Nite” and literally covered the place in confetti.


As the final notes of the song echoed away I saw the joy and rapture of satisfied fans. Kiss asked if they could take a picture of them with us the NM KISS ARMY


It was a very satisfying night of Rock N Roll!!!!


We love you too KISS!!!

5 thoughts on “Motley Crue / Kiss The TOUR – The REVIEW!

  1. Ryan (8) got invited to go onstage with motley Crüe. It was his first ever concert ever and he had a blast (as did his brother). I posted the video of the onstage meeting on YouTube under “rhino meets motley Crüe” caution; there is some language.

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