Zakk Wylde/ Black Label Society


SDMF = Strength Determination Merciless Forever

the calling card of The Black Label Society. It means a lot to me that’s why it’s inked on my arm. I first became aware of Zakk Wylde like most of the rest of us, through Ozzy. I quickly came to love his playing style and naturally when Pride & Glory happened it gave us chance to hear Zakk on a new level. When it progressed into Black Label Society I was a already a fan. As the albums rolled out and the internet grew and grew I met many others who felt the bonding power of the BLS Family. Our Family genuinely cares for one another to the point of meeting and hanging out at shows, and other events. BLS items are readily shared between Family on a regular basis. At times it seems as if the music takes a backseat and the love of Family takes over. SDMF? You bet until the day I die. I Bleed Black and wear my colors every day.Image

The music of BLS carries me daily and there is rarely a day where a BLS song is not heard blaring from my speakers. If you have never heard BLS do yourself a favor and check out some songs, I promise you will find something you will like. Zakk and BLS  continue to evolve and amaze me. Check out this video for “Stillborn” : BLS will ALWAYS be a part of my life and I will ALWAYS be here to spread the positive message and help to lead others in a positive way. Don’t HATE, APPRECIATE!  Thank you Zakk Wylde, thanks from the bottom of my heart.


11 thoughts on “Zakk Wylde/ Black Label Society

  1. Awesome blog my Brother! You hit the proverbial nail on the head. SDMF is a lifestyle…Long live Black Label Society…the greatest metal band ever…

  2. a more than factual statement! Zakk does way way more for his fans than many of the others on the circuit! Hopefully more of these blogs to come. Well done. @oneoff666

  3. I couldn’t have said it any better…I too wear my love for BLS & Zakk Wylde on my skin…If it wouldn’t bother you, I’d like to repost this on my Facebook page as my declaration & pledge to the BLS philosophy…BLS-SDMF 4 LIFE!!!

  4. So true! Zakk is like one of the coolest “rockstars” I’ve ever met. Been a fan for years. We are a family. My vest was actually given to me this year as a birthday present from the Hellion! Thats brotherhood right there! Zakks album Book of shadows got me through a very rough patch in life. It was always there. Still is. SDMF!

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