Australia ROCKS! Sunset Riot, RAGDOLL, My Dynamite, Sisters Doll, BABYJANE


AC/DC, INXS, Little River Band, Men At Work…Australia has given us some great music. Through my recent involvement as a co-host on the internet radio show Bleach Bangs I have found a new crop of bands that are carrying the torch. The 80’s have come and gone here in the US but the influence is still being felt in Australia. Let’s talk about a few of the stand out bands:



I have actually had the pleasure of hanging out with and seeing Sunset Riot perform several times.


The music Sunset Riot brings is addicting and worms its way into your head and you find yourself singing them without even realizing it. The guys themselves are extremely friendly and warm. They treat every one with kindness and respect and make their fans feel special. Del- vocals, JP – guitars, Ziggy- guitars, Resh – drums, and newly added Simo- bass have found the right equation for feel good Rock N Roll. do yourself a favor and check out this band. Here is a link to their video for Save Me From L.A.



Ragdoll brings forth some powerful music that pays homage to some of the hard rock acts we all know and love. I have not had the privilege of seeing them live but my co-hosts have and I can appreciate them through their experience. I find this band easy to listen to and am glad they are writing songs in the style of 80’s feel good rock! Their appearance at Rocklahoma was good and I am glad to see they are able to come here to the US and share with us. Ragdoll is: Ry Dash – VOCALS/BASS,  Le’on Todd – GUITARS/BACKGROUND VOCALS, and  Cam Barrett – DRUMS/BACKGROUND VOCALS Here is a video link to my favorite song “Foot to the Floor” :



Love bluesy rock? My Dynamite will satisfy that love. The Black Crowes have been one of my favorite bands for years. My Dynamite carries the torch and gives us new music in that style. Who would have thought you could find good old fashioned American blues in Australia? We were fortunate to have had an interview with them and found they are planning a European tour and hopefully we can get them to the US as well. My Dynamite is: Patrick Carmody – Lead Vocals, Jorge Balas – Guitar, Travis Fraser – Bass, Simon Aarons – Drums, and Benny Wolf – Guitar. Here is a link to a song I really enjoy “Fork In Your Tongue” :



Remember the Glam of the 80’s how much fun it was to dress up and just have a GOOD TIME? Sisters Doll are trying to bring that back and having fun in doing it. Ranging in age from 14 to 17 these brothers (Brennan Mileto – Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals, Bryce Mileto – Drums/Back Up Vocals, and Austin Mileto – Bass Guitar/Back Up Vocals) yes they are brothers, are bringing the SPECTACLE of Rock N Roll back. I look forward to seeing more from these guys. Here is a link to their video for “Dollhouse” :


BABYJANE cites the following as their influences:

Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Skid Row, Sex Pistols, Vains Of Jenna, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, The Cult, Faith No More, Megadeth, Pantera. Wow! How you NOT want to give these guys a listen? I checked them out prior to doing an interview with them and was duly impressed. Solid song composition, catchy hooks, and raw sound give these guys an edge that cut you to the quick! DO NOT MISS BABYJANE!! Here’s a link to their EPK I’ll let it speak for itself :

Been missing the 80’s? I found them…in Australia of all places. Can anyone say ROADTRIP???

4 thoughts on “Australia ROCKS! Sunset Riot, RAGDOLL, My Dynamite, Sisters Doll, BABYJANE

  1. Thanks for talking about a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I love Sunset Riot and have only just begun to explore these other awesome bands you’ve suggested.

  2. saw Sisters Doll at the Hardrock in Hollywood last Friday, blew away the crowd and tomorrow night they are at the Whisky on sunset.7.30..I am there….

  3. Excellent review!! I also really enjoy Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Check out some of his rock n roll Brother Hellion.

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