My top 5 albums of all time – the Hellion

I was recently asked online by my friend Mark (SDMF_Philly) to blog about my to 5 albums of all time. So here we go. These are in no kind of order they are just the five albums that I can listen to over and over (there are many more but these five just out at me right away). Let’s get started:



released on 5 August 1966

1. “Taxman”
2. “Eleanor Rigby”
3. “I’m Only Sleeping”
4. “Love You To”
5. “Here, There and Everywhere”
6. “Yellow Submarine”
7. “She Said She Said”
1. “Good Day Sunshine”
2. “And Your Bird Can Sing”
3. “For No One”
4. “Doctor Robert”
5. “I Want to Tell You”
6. “Got to Get You into My Life”
7. “Tomorrow Never Knows”

I grew up listening to these songs and have over the years (no comments) have grown to appreciate them on so many levels. The Beatles have always remained an influence on my musical growth. I will be blogging about the influence of the Beatles on music soon. My favorite track off of this album is “Love You To” I just love the vibe of this song. Check it out here:

LYNYRD SKYNYRD – (Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd)


released on August 13th 1973

1. “I Ain’t the One”
2. “Tuesday’s Gone”
3. “Gimme Three Steps”
4. “Simple Man”

5. “Things Goin’ On”
6. “Mississippi Kid”
7. “Poison Whiskey”
8. “Free Bird”

My mom (may she Rest In Peace) used to sing “Simple Man” to me when I was younger. My step dad was a country fan but he allowed this record to be played in the house. I loved the feel of these now classic songs. I could put this record on the turntable and just go to a different place. This is a timeless record to me and still gets plenty of play. Here is a link to “Simple Man” I hope I’ve done you proud mom:



released on March 23, 1979

Van Halen changed the game. Style, great vocals, KILLER riffs, feel good music in a feel good time. II is my favorite VH record for all of those reasons. I actually picked this record up the day it came out and ran all of the way home to hear it. I must have played it twenty times that day. It still sounds as fresh to me in this day as it did back then. My favorite track is “Women in Love” the intro to the closing notes are still amazing. Check out the song here:



released on July 21, 1987

1. “Welcome to the Jungle”
2. “It’s So Easy”
3. “Nightrain”
4. “Out ta Get Me”
5. “Mr. Brownstone”
6. “Paradise City”
7. “My Michelle”
8. “Think About You”
9. “Sweet Child o’ Mine”
10. “You’re Crazy”
11. “Anything Goes”
12. “Rocket Queen”

Another game changer. The sheer aggression on  this record quickly grabbed my attention. The power, bravado and devil-may-care ways gave the music world a shot in the arm. Another record that you put on and listen to open to close. GNR did their homework on looks and hooks and manged to keep the F@%K you attitude. “It’s So Easy” stands out the most to me on this record “See me hit you, you fall down” love that lyric. Check it out here:



released June 8. 1999

1. “Around the World”
2. “Parallel Universe”
3. “Scar Tissue”
4. “Otherside”
5. “Get on Top”
6. “Californication”
7. “Easily”
8. “Porcelain”
9. “Emit Remmus”
10. “I Like Dirt”
11. “This Velvet Glove”
12. “Savior”
13. “Purple Stain”
14. “Right on Time”
15. “Road Trippin'”

The thing I like best about Red Hot Chili Peppers is their “We play what we want to” style. You never know what you are going to get from a new RHCP record. This one marked the return of guitarist/songwriter John Frusciante to the band. The tracks are soulful and plain beautiful. the layered vocals, and lyrics make this a magical record for me. My stand out track is “This Velvet Glove”  the lyrics”  “Sailin’ for the sun cause there is one Knows where I’m from I care for you I really do, I really do” just hit me.  here is the link:

There you have it 5 albums that mean the world to me. Thanks

the Hellion

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