Remember when it was fun?



I was thinking today about all of the hate that surrounds us these days. It wasn’t so long ago that we were in the parking lots before/after shows laughing and having a GOOD time. Bands were supporting other bands, people were supporting each other and it was FUN. The success of others put a smile on your face, bashing others for their good fortunes was not the norm. It was about the music and the love of the music. WE can do this and bring back around. How you say? SUPPORT your favorite bands, share them with others, share the bands your friends post about with other friends. Go to their shows, go to traveling bands shows. Smile at the others that are there, shake their hands. WE can be positive and make the Rock N’ Roll experience FUN again!!!


the Hellion

13 thoughts on “Remember when it was fun?

  1. Thanks for those much needed words brother. Brother….think about what I just said….we were all brothers and sisters in “the day.” I’ve never forgotten that as I treat a complete stranger who loves what I do-ROCK. That’ll never change for me. People, you’re not better than one of yours, you’ve just forgotten where you came from. Thanks again brother for your words, it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, God Bless! \!/

  2. You are absolutely correct! It was really not that long ago that bands would rehearse in their prospective jam rooms, get primed up and then go out and see what they were contributing too (not competing against). My band practiced 6 nights a week, rain or shine and every night we would make the circuit to see all our friends playing. We would say,”Okay, now lets go promote”, but we only played in town once or twice every month, so we were not promoting ourselves as much as we were promoting the scene. The band that was playing, the venue that was paying them to play and all the friends and fans of those bands and venues.
    You know what would happen when we did that? We earned respect and support from all of the above and when we DID play a show. All those people would be there, out of mutual respect and camaraderie. Lot’s of other bands did the same thing and garnered the same results. They became part of a COMMUNITY. The bands that stayed home, went out the week before their show and fliered the parking lots but never bothered to stop in and have a beer, see the band, be seen and talk to people always wondered why when the door opened for THEIR show, only a handful of people showed up.
    I live in Los Angeles now. Just off the strip. And I see the same thing. The bands that are PART OF enjoy full venues. The bands that think their printer is their best promotional tool are bitter and play empty rooms.
    A Local music scene is a COMMUNITY not a COMPETITION.
    The only requirement to join is a good product and good customer service.
    Attn Bands! If you go see the other guys play this weekend (and tell YOUR fans to go), chances are they will same do thing for you YOU when YOU play!

  3. UNTIL CHAOS is the most hated band in New Mexico…why? Because we go out and SUPPORT local bands, not just one of us BUT the whole band plus crew members? Because we actually put effort into our shows and think things through? Because we have one of he biggest followings for a metal band in NM? What has changed in music? There is no scene in NM…you know why? Because we all grew up on VH1 and MTV and it brain washed us all to think it was just that easy. I challenge anyone on this site to ask themselves, WHEN HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO AN UNTIL CHAOS SHOW ON YOUR OWN ACCORD? Why have you not? Everyone keeps saying support local music…WE CALL YOUR BLUFF! Bands are intimidated by UC and we think that’s crap! We have only shown love and support in ABQ, which has not been reciprocated by other bands! That my friends is the cold hard truth…and if it makes you up set…then choose another genre of music to follow…rock/metal is about STRENGTH and POWER!! Not hypocrisy and weakness! Welcome to metal

    • Maybe people don’t go to your shows because they don’t want to see you play. Dio sang about rainbows and magic. He was metal. Other bands do go to your shows, they probably just don’t enjoy them. Maybe they too were brainwashed by the MTVs. Maybe you’re not hated and no one is intimidated by you, the general populous may just be indifferent to a band that plays Slipknot style metal, complete with uniforms and face paint. I don’t remember when anyone agreed that metal is about being in your face and act like a fraternity brother.

      It’s not that you’re hated, my friends. It’s that no one really cares.

  4. I totally agree. I think the main issue is that with the lack of effort from the major labels, the music industry has evolved into a take care of yourself mentality. While this can be a good thing for the artists, it has also given rise to cut throat competition where everybody is out only for themselves.

    We need to get back to having fun together, and supporting one another. Help each other with contacts and shows. Fans can like more than one band, don’t be afraid to turn your people onto other bands you like and support.

  5. I get so mad at the bands that are too good to watch their opening band, or too busy picking up on chicks (and getting drunk) to watch the headliner. SUPPORT EACH OTHER! The fans want to help, with Social Media you can reach out and talk to them. They are wiling to hand out fliers, bring touring bands food, places to stay. You can’t be dick’s to your fans, come out take photos sign boobs…. Fans want to be apart of the experience. If you aren’t willing to put in the BUSINESS time your band won’t succeed.

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