This CD will give you that kick in the ass you have been looking for!

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Scattered Hamlet personally.


This band is a great group of regular guys who bring some kick ass dirty Rock N’ Roll. They are building a fan base with each tour. They had success at Rocklahoma this year and will be back next year. Adam Joad -vocals/guitar/harmonica, Nate Jealouss – guitars/vocals, Redd Yoachum – guitars/vocals, Jake Delling Le Bas – drums are the core of this band. They are fixing to go out on the road again on a North West  tour:

Fuel To Burn Tour 2012

8/9 St. Joseph, Missouri (Tremors)
8/10 Harrisburg, South Dakota (Phoenix Lounge)
8/11 Franklin, Minnesota (Outdoor Motorcycle Rally)
8/12 Clive, Iowa (Bombay Bike Club)
8/13 Chicago, Illinois (Stage Bar or Ultra Lounge TBA)
8/14 Detroit, Michigan (The Token)
8/16 Green Bay, Wisconsin (JD’s)
8/17 Fargo, North Dakota (Legacy Ballroom)
8/20 Salt Lake City, Utah (The Dawg Pound)

Meet Rich Erwin, “The Kentucky Assassin,” You can catch him live and rocking on the 2012 Fuel To Burn Tour holding down the low-end for SH.

Make sure to see them if you get the chance!

Like their Facebook page :

Here are link to a couple of their videos: – Hillbilly Harmony – Skeleton Dixie

Hell Riders- Let’s ROLL!

the Hellion


  1. Scattered Hamlet is an awesome kick you in the teeth band! Check them out. They will not disappoint! I love these guys!

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