AC/DC – Highway to Hell (my favorite AC/DC CD that I can’t listen to)


released August 3, 1979

4:00am Saturday December 8th, 2001: I was asked to come to work on this day. I awoke to a light dusting of snow and as my commute to work is 50 miles, decided to take it slow. I turned on the radio and nothing good was on so I switched to CD. In the player was HTH. As the intro to the song “Highway To Hell” began, I was grazed by a semi and pushed off the road into a roll over accident. I rolled five times the semi never slowed. down. Now, when I hear that song a sense of dread hits me. Rock N’ Roll huh?

The first time I heard this record I felt like a hooligan. The sheer bad boy vibe soaked into me and I welcomed it. AC/DC had become one of my favorite bands and this record did not disappoint.

side 1
1. “Highway to Hell”
2. “Girls Got Rhythm”
3. “Walk All Over You”
4. “Touch Too Much”
5. “Beating Around the Bush”
side 2
1. “Shot Down in Flames”
2. “Get It Hot”
3. “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)”
4. “Love Hungry Man”
5. “Night Prowler”

The album shoved what our parents and the mainstream at the time was telling us. Rock N’ Roll was evil and we were all going to hell. Well AC/DC were our bus drivers. Many of the songs on this record have reached iconic levels and most people fans or not have heard them in some way. We lost original singer Bon along the way but AC/DC carries the torch of Rock rebellion tot his very day. HORNS HIGH \M/ FOR AC/DC!!!

Here are my standouts from this record:

“Walk All Over You” :

“Touch Too Much” :

“If You Want Blood (You Got It)” :

the Hellion

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