My top 10 Best Rock song intros


Here we go with another fan topic! This one comes from Alan Cult, thanks buddy! Here are three from him to get started:




Nothing gets a song started like a kick ass intro, there are many that come to my mind but we’re gonna stop at 10.

These are ten that just jump into my mind in no particular order:

1. KISS – DETROIT ROCK CITY: This song has always been one of my favorites. I love Gene Simmons as the news reporter in the intro. It’s a shame that it is cut for the single release.


2. AC/DC – HELLS BELLS: With the ominous tolling of the bell you know immediately what you are about to hear. This song cannot be mistaken for any run of the mill pop song.


3. TESLA – LOVE SONG : A beautiful intro from a talented band. The acoustic guitar work and melody will touch almost anyone’s sensitive side.


4. METALLICA – FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS: This is the second song in the list with a bell in the intro. This bell is distinctly different from Hells Bells. Metallica KILLS  with this track!


5. AEROSMITH – BACK IN THE SADDLE: This intro gets you into the groove of the song even before it is laid on you. One of my long time favorites, can’t go wrong here.


6. IRON MAIDEN – THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST: Whenever this used to come on the goody goody people used to quake in their boots. People used to give us “evil” metal heads dirty looks. Seems kind of tame now. Will always love this intro.


7. OZZY OSBOURNE – CRAZY TRAIN: There is no mistaking the iconic riffs that open this legendary track. Randy may be gone but his legendary playing skills will live on forever as young players emulate his amazing style of playing. Thanks Randy!


8. GUNS N ROSES – SWEET CHILD O’ MINE: These opening notes are all too familiar to everyone these days. The song itself has been used in movies cementing it’s future for eternity. I fell in love with this song from the get go. No mistaking it when it gets played.


9. DEEP PURPLE – SMOKE ON THE WATER: Probably the most played riff ever. Another classic that is readily identified and often imitated. I grew up with this one and will continue to play it proudly.


10. THE ROLLING STONES – SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL: I always jumped and turned up the radio or stereo when this came on. In my opinion this song was a statement of the times and the intro fits the build up perfectly. Love me some Stones.


And there you have 10 standout intros, interact and tell me what you think and feedback on some of your thoughts.

the Hellion

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