I thought I was listening to Rock N’ Roll

     Postneoclassicaldeathtechnogungespeedtrash huh? When did we get all of these genres and sub-genres? I remember when it was just Rock N’ Roll. Again we see the powers that be trying to slap a designer label on something in order to better market it. In my humble opinion it has only help to divide us. I say we drop the “labeling and just get back to good old Rock N’ Roll! In the words of Rainbow “Long Live Rock N’ Roll” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnSIezTmks4&feature=related

2 thoughts on “I thought I was listening to Rock N’ Roll

  1. I think bands were all sounding the same for awhile and wanted to stand apart to be noticed. Now it works against them because “death metal” fans cant mingle with “Hipster blood rock” fans. I think it was a silly Phase that will culminate in people ignoring the classification and using the only true differences in their personal music experience 1. Music I like and 2. Music I DONT like.

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