Yes Testament is STILL kicking your ass with some great music! Like other bands they have suffered lineup changes and health issues but have persevered and kept going.

Dark Roots of Earth was released on July 31st, 2012 this newest release has them as strong as ever.

1. “Rise Up” easily my favorite track. The lyrics:
It’s time to rise up!
It’s time to rise for war!
It’s time to rise up!
Black is death!
And red is war!

just get my blood pounding and my fist pumping! Love to crank this one to 11 and grin evilly at other people in cars.

2. “Native Blood” The video for this track is relevant to the struggles of the Native American peoples. It is a solid track and the video hits home and is very well done.

As for the following tracks, they are ALL solid and worth listening to and developing your own opinions on.
3. “Dark Roots of Earth”
4. “True American Hate”
5. “A Day in the Death”
6. “Cold Embrace”
7. “Man Kills Mankind”
8. “Throne of Thorns”
9. “Last Stand for Independence”

This is one of Testament’s standout records and worth snatching up!

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