A message From Charlie Owens of BLEACH BANGS RADIO!


So… September 23 2009 was the very first time we were on air with BleachBANGS. That date is right around the corner. Crazy. Sitting back listening to some of our very first shows and enjoying. We’ve come along way in 3 years and we’re not done yet. Very happy and proud to have had all these amazing bands on with us over the course of this ride. It’s about you and your music! We’ve had some ups and downs. Tech issues, money issues, idea issues. We’ve overcome all of em. Onward and upward from here. No matter what it is, promoting, housing, feeding, booking, or just talkin it up & playin the tunes on air BleachBANGS is here for you… The bands. Thank you!

We’ll even bang your ugly friends

Charlie Owens.

I have been fortunate to have been asked into the Bleach Bangs family as a co-host, Thanks guys!

the Hellion

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