How my relationship with BLEACH BANGS RADIO started

During the process of doing interviews for Music U-Night I was given an interview with Charlie Owens from Bleach Bangs Radio. I always like to spend some time before the interview getting to know my subject on a personal level. For me it helps to make the interview process flow easier and seem more natural. In getting to know Charlie it was if we were long lost brothers. We have so many common interests and likes, it was fate.

Charlie Owens from Bleach Bangs Radio on Music U-Night:

A little bit later I was asked to be interviewed on Bleach Bangs Radio. The on air chemistry continued and I was able to “meet” Randy Norris, and john Hennis, Charlie’s co-hosts on the show.  It was a great experience.

Bleach Bangs interview


A few months later I was invited to be a permanent co-host on Bleach Bangs and the rest is ….in the future!!!!

the Hellion

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