I decided recently to speak with the people who listen to and love music. People who are not in the industry, the lovers of the music, the fans. This is the first of many music lovers (I hope!) to take the time and talk with me.


What is it about music that does it for you?

John: It can change my mood from the first note. It can take me somewhere else.

What are some of your earliest memories of music?

John: Kool and the Gang, Blondie, and Simon and Garfunkel

Getting to know you I can see that you are very diverse in your musical tastes, to what do you attribute that?

     John: My mom, she loves all different kinds of music, I even turned her on to some 90’s R&B.

What is it about an artist that draws you into their music?

John: Their apparent passion for what they do. Their natural ability, talent, and creativity.

Do you have a favorite part of a band, for example instruments or vocals? And why or why not?

   John: No, I think the whole band (like an orchestra) makes the music. Vocal ability though, is important to me (I consider myself a singer).

Thanks John for taking the time and giving us your opinions! More to come!

the Hellion

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