Who remembers the band NITRO The incredible screaming vocals of Jim Gillette? The unbelievable, insane, lighting fast guitar wizardry of Michael Angelo Batio? The FOUR necked guitar? The HAIR?  Well, here’s a reminder:

Michael Angelo Batio started playing piano and writing music at the tender young age of five. At ten he started playing guitar, it is said he was playing faster than his teacher a couple of years later. He soon became a session musician and began recording music for various companies.

He started his recording career in 1984 with  Chicago-based heavy metal band Holland, an  project set up by ex-Steppenwolf singer Tommy Holland. They released one album Little Monsters released in 1985  on Atlantic Records.

Here’s “Love In On Time” :

In 1987 he joined forces with Jim Gillette to form NITRO.  The band released two studio albums – O.F.R. (1989) and Nitro II: H.W.D.W.S. (1991).

In April 1993, Michael Angelo Batio founded his own record label, M.A.C.E. Music.  He began recording his first album, No Boundaries, which he released in 1995 on this label. He then released several more solo records, Planet Gemini (1997), Tradition (1999), Lucid Intervals and  Moments of Clarity (2000), Lucid Intervals and  Moments of Clarity part 2 (2004), Hands Without Shadows (2005), 2 X Again (2007), Hands Without Shadows: 2  Voices  (2009),  In 2011, Michael debuted his multi-media show “Hands Without Shadows – A Tribute to Rock Guitar” in Las Vegas. In 2012 Michael is touring the world with this show. It is a chronological tribute to rock guitar.

Batio is ambidextrous, a skill he taught himself. He is able to play two guitars at the same time either in synchronization or using separate harmonies. This includes playing completely different parts at once, as shown while playing his famous Double-Guitar. Though naturally left-handed, he plays as right-handed when playing one guitar. Batio invented and often demonstrates the “Over-Under” technique, which involves flipping his fretting hand over and under the neck rapidly, playing the guitar both regularly and like a piano.

Here MAB pays tribute to our man Dime:


Thanks for the playing Michael you are an ICON!

the Hellion

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