Hey guys! I just got DAMC drummer to answer a few questions for us. Make sure you catch DAMC on Bleach Bangs Radio this Tuesday (10/02/12)!

1. How did you become involved in music?
     Shawn Van Wyhe: Just the love for it. To be honest, Kiss, 1975…huge influence.
2. How did you go about learning to play an instrument? Did you have formal music education?
     Shawn Van Wyhe: Loved music as a kid, Beatles and Buddy Holly but then I discovered KISS in like 1975 and everything changed. I took lessons in like 5th and 6th grade through school. Then when I was 18 I could afford real lessons and things took off from there.

3. Was it drums that hooked you, or do you play anything else?
     Shawn Van Wyhe: This may sound cliche’, but drums were EVERYTHING t o me for so long. Peter Criss, Bun E Carlos, and gene Krupa were everything to me.
4. I am a KISS fan myself (I have the Rock and Roll Over cover inked on my arm). What do you think about the new lineup with out Ace and Peter? I call it Diet KISS 50% less KISS.
     Shawn Van Wyhe: Honestly, I dig it. I think Eric and Tommy are great additions to the band. It’s unfortunate that all 4 of them could not make it work, but at least they are staying true to the music and the image.
5. Right on, I just got to see them on tour. speaking of bands, when was it you started playing in bands?

     Shawn Van Wyhe: When I was about 20. It was wild, kind of late but worth the wait.
6. Were there many? And what lessons did you take away from those experiences?

     Shawn Van Wyhe: To be honest, there were only three other bands. I learned that it is so important to put your ego aside and work as a team.
7. That is a true statement brother. Tell me about how Death Alley Motor Cult came to be?
     Shawn Van Wyhe: Well, Diablo Dave, Zero G and myself were in a band called Dead Garden. The band had run its course and we were looking to go in a different direction. More groove oriented so to speak. We looked for a bass player, and Falcon fit in perfectly. We had all known of each other forever but never played in a band together. Not to sound cliche’, but after that first practice, we all knew that what we had was very special and we needed to run with it.

8. Very cool, totally understand the “Vibe” thing. Tell us some of the recent events in the DAMC world.
     Shawn Van Wyhe: Well, we have just signed on with Eddie’s Mates and could not be happier. They are helping take us to another level that we could not do alone. We have been slowly breaking out of playing just local shows and have started to branch out to Vegas, Santa Ana, and Sacramento. With no end in sight we are totally stoked!!
9. Very glad to hear that, you guys definitely deserve it! So what are you listening to lately?
     Shawn Van Wyhe: Everything! Green Day, Testament, Lit, Accept, Texas Hippie Coalition….all over the board.
10. All great choices, listening to some of those myself. Last question: The floor is yours speak your mind about anything you want:
     Shawn Van Wyhe: Well, We all think that we have something special with Death Alley. We have so much fun and look forward to taking it to the world and sharing what we have with everyone.

“Devil Sex” video:

the Hellion

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