There’s been FAR TOO MUCH of those things lately. I know I’ve discussed it before, but WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?  I mean the Rock N’ Roll community needs to get behind each other and lift each other up, not tear each other apart. I often times reflect to the day when Rock fans would gather in the parking lots of shows,outside of record stores, at parties, AND HAVE A GOOD TIME! Sure there were discussions about how one thought this band was better than another, and there was the occasional fisticuffs, but for the most part we were there to celebrate Rock N’ Roll  music. I see far too many people these days dragging down someone for their successes and trash talking them instead of congratulating them, and giving them advice or support. I support each and every artist who makes the effort to step up and share their art. Won’t you? Will YOU help to tighten back up the GLOBAL Rock N’ Roll community? Bands: send me your info to  janaya64@msn.com  LET’S DO THIS!!!!

the Hellion


  1. The term would be to divide and conquer. That’s why the Rock scene is no longer on top like it use to be. We have divided ourself into groups and then hate on each other. This allows us to be conquered by other genres. My band “Shotgun Rebellion” was once referd as Aluminum instead of Metal by another band who played Death metal, refering to the fact that we’re not as heavy as they are. This is a form of division and is what I was refering to. We will remain week until we all unite. The truth is your band is just Sally in a different dress. You have guitars, bass, drums and vocals and sometimes keys how ever you decide to put your tunes and sound together is what makes you unique. But, your still a rock band weather you like it or not.

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