A while back I became friends with a guy named Adz who played guitar. My new friend and I shared a lot of similar interests, thoughts, and dreams. We grew close and became like brothers. We shared highs, lows, and just our general daily experiences. He kept me abreast of the happenings of his band DARKSITE. And now I will tell you.

After knowing each other through most of their lives four friends were drawn together in the darkest waste of South Wales in the U.K. creating a genre-spanning band that will defy all modern conventional rock and metal music. With an intensity and power of originality that is rarely found in a generation they created something truly special “DARKSITE”. Forming in mid 2009 it took 3 months for the line-up to become the solid state it now has, following no conventions in writing styles and no restrictions of genre after another 2 months of writing and constant rehearsals the band hit the live stage and the legend was born. With more determination, conviction and commitment than anyone will ever encounter within 8 months a true force for anyone to reckon with was built. with their debut album ” As the line divides ” out worldwide as of the 2nd of april 2012 the Dark Army will rise.

Bold words, but do they hold weight? I got my copy of AS THE LINE DIVIDES and have given a thorough going over, several times. Great record period.  Released on Brutal Elite Records LTD this CD SMOKES! Here’s a couple of reviews I found:

Ok, to start of I have not seen this band live but I bought this album on word of mouth as a friend of mine used to know one of the band , I can honestly say that I am still in shock at how genuinely addictive this album is,  I’ve been into metal music for many years and this is without question one of the best albums I have heard in the last ten years , I wont drone on the way most reviewers do , all I will say is if you love the greats ( PANTERA , METALLICA , MEGADETH , MACHINE HEAD , SLAYER , 5FDP and countless more ) then you need to own this album , I know it may not be to everyone’s taste but for the true metal fans out there you are in for a rare treat. – ms music fan 1

A truly well composed first album, with melodic vocals and hard-hitting riffs it is truly the work you would expect form a band that have been on the road for years! I must say it has knocked the other cd’s out of my player and has been on loop for quite some time since. Well worth the purchase. Expect great things from these guys 🙂 – Marc Gillings


1. Wake Up, Time To Die! 4:26
2. Their Betrayal 4:03
3. Aftershock 3:23
4. What’s Next 3:37
5. Too Human… (What I Hide) 3:54
6. Viscous (The War Inside) 3:21
7. Deepend 2:36
8. In The Name Of The Father 3:38
9. Not Follow (On My Own) 4:12
10. Hypocrite 3:33

Heavy, in your face, getting it done METAL! This CD is one that keeps finding its way back into my player. A MUST listen to if you like your music HARD! This band is full of hunger, passion, and raw talent. All they are asking for is a listen and they believe their music will stand on its own. Do yourself a favor, check them out and join the Dark Army.


the Hellion




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