It was a Sunday afternoon, that being said, I was feeling a bit “Beardish” and it seemed like a great day to interview them. I pulled into the parking lot of Charley’s Records and Tapes (yes tapes) and saw the Bearded ones awaiting my arrival. We snapped a few shots while we waited for my beautiful camera woman to show up and shoot the interview. When she arrived in all her  glory we retired to the inner sanctum of Charley’s to get into the heads of Beard. We talked, held hands, and sang “Kumbaya”. When we were done we had all reached spiritual nirvana,  a Black Unicorn appeared, and I finally was able to comprehend the band that was Beard. If you want to see the interview check it out at:




Their CD: Black Unicorn will be released on 10/26/12 at Hooligan’s nightclub. This will be an event not to be missed. You want more? Here is the video for “Amp Whore”:


Now that I have seen the Black Unicorn I have achieved a new plane of existence and shall now be known as H. Beard…….


the Hellion (a.k.a. H. Beard)


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