A beautiful day in a dirty alley….
I thought it would be a typical day as I pulled into my parking spot behind the El Rey and Launchpad. I learned a valuable lesson today. Never ever sneak up on a group of guys in an alley way…. even if they are expecting you.

After a brief sprint and a much needed cigarette, I was able to have a really good chat with the guys from Knucklez Deep.

A lot of info from these dudes packed into a short visit. As we all were harassed by flies and our voices drowned out by planes flying overhead, The guys gave us some background, some insight to what is happening presently and a look towards the future. They are bringing their Brutality to you New Mexico and maybe another state or two very soon. Check out this interview on http://rockunight.com/  coming soon for all details,  and Big Thanks to Knucklez Deep.



Charlie M.F. Owens

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