The world is full of monsters. As a parent I am aware of this everyday. My children are now grown and young adults out in the world. I was often told as they were growing up that I was to overprotective and that nothing would happen. I tried and we were lucky so far, and I hope to remain so. My Friends in NJ were not so lucky as to the  recent events that have befallen them. The loss of their daughter Autumn has touched me deeply, the callousness in the way the alleged perpetrators treated   her sickens me. Now the blame game will begin, “I was mistreated as a child”, “My father wasn’t around”, etc. etc., well I got news for you, I WAS mistreated as a child, and my parents were at times neglectful. But you know what? I CHOSE NOT TO CARRY ON THAT CYCLE. YES,  YOU HEARD ME, I MADE THE DECISION.  All of your actions are chosen by you. Own them they’re yours. Now, take the time and talk to your loved ones and be a part of their life.


Rest In Piece Autumn Pasquale, the world dimmed a bit with your loss. If you want to donate to Autumn’s family and make sure that your donations
go to Autumn’s family, Please Contact only Joe Fortino, John Higginbottom, Ken Mondillo or Greg Tripp members of The Electric Boa
Autumn Pasquale Memorial Fund
C/O Fulton Bank of New Jersey
35 N Delsea Dr
Clayton, NJ 08312
Donations can be made via mail or walked in to the location
This is the official fund…watch the scams..this is the official one..Help is still needed.


with repsect,

the Hellion

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