Generation Kill is a band that was recently brought to my attention by a friend. After listening to them for a bit and letting them sink in…. WOW!

Rob Dukes (Exodus): Vocals, Rob Moschetti (Pro-Pain/M.o.D): Bass/Backing vocals, Jason Trenzcer (Mutilation): Lead Guitar, Jason Velez: Lead Guitar, and Jim DeMaria (Marauder): Drums round out this powerhouse band.

Red White And Blood  is a concept album released on 09/27/12 about a soldier who goes to war, experiences the horror of it, returns home and cannot shut down his “killswitch”, which eventually becomes too much for him and he ends his life.

1. Hate
2. Red, White And Blood
3. Feast Of The Wolves
4. Self Medicating
5. Depraved Indifference
6. Slow Burn
7. Section 8
8. Walking Dead
9. Dark Days
10. Let Me Die
11. Wish [Bonus Track]

     This CD is one to put on and listen to from start to finish, let it sink in, and let your mind explore the possibilities. Strong, poignant, and full of deep meaning, this CD affects me deeply. It needs to be experienced and felt by many others.

Thanks to my friend Ashley Thomas Aof!

the Hellion

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