We’re back with another round of bands for your earholes!!!


Giulio Moschini – Guitars / Backing Vocals, Silvano Leone – Bass / Backing vocals, James Payne – Drums, and Paolo Pieri – Vocals / Guitars make up this  band from Italy. Forged in the dark shadows of “The Holy Capital”, this most unholy of quartets have steadily been making a name for themselves as one of the most intense, talented and impressive, both in the studio & live onstage, modern death metal bands around. These tyrannical troubadours of brutality have so far spread their plague of destruction across the breadth of the European continent from pulverizing festivals in Portugal and Spain in the West through laying waste to Germany, the Netherlands & central Europe to besieging the Czech Republic in the East.


    2. THEART


Azaria – Vocals and Guitar, Kara Jayne – Vocals and Bass, Jak – Guitar, and Jordan – Drums. It’s Rock N Roll but it’s Glam. Dynamic and Eclectic. Songs about Love, Lust, Life & all other four letter words. Raw and dirty music to touch your primal soul.



Angry Phill- Vocals, Isaiah- Guitar, and Kyle- Drums MADLIFE is advancing through 2012 with three major announcements. Their newest extolled single, “To Live and Die In Hollywood” debuted at #8 new adds on Media-base Active Rock Radio, quickly gaining momentum the second week climbing to #6. Secondly, they announced their endorsement deal with Schecter Guitars. Lastly, while gearing up for international touring, the highly anticipated 4th album, “21st Century Megalomaniac  is the next chapter in MADLIFE’s chronicles. Its unmistakable headway of innovative musical tonality irrefutably blends with the angry lyrical sonnets.



Vocals, Bass: Anders Manga, Organ: Devallia, Guitar: Zoltan, and Drums: Curse. Bloody Hammers’ full length debut ‘Bloody Hammers’ is an explosion of heavy sound and infectious melodies. Propelled by singer Anders Manga’s captivatingly melodic vocals, ‘Bloody Hammers’ is a psych/hard rock/horror fan’s dream come true—a strong display of dooming riffs, crooning to soaring vocals and driving grooves. ‘Bloody Hammers’ is an addictive album with a retro edge that appeals to both the Nick Cave and the Black Sabbath sides of the brain. This is an absolute must-have for fans of the southern USA metal and dark hard rock scenes.”



Michał “Misiek” Gabryelczyk – vocal, Mateusz “Matrix” Rybicki – guitar, Maciej “Koniu” Kończak – guitar, Piotr “Piooro” Piórkowski – bass, and Karol Skrzyński – drums CHASSIS is a rock band based in Gdansk, Poland. Their dynamic and energetic songs are based on solid rocking riffs, tight, expressive rhythm section and vast harmonic landscapes. In combination with melodic and mighty vocal lines, Chassis brings a perfect blend of styles for wide audience.


the Hellion


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