The project was born in 2005 when Andrea Rasi and Stefano Calabrò after disbanding of Eternal Flames,decides to continue to play together trying to build a new band.They find a drummer,Paolo Guarda who appeals to them immediately,and Matteo Sacchi,an excellent guitarist. Songwriting begins and Matteo shows his composer and vocal skills. After the first live show,he realizes that he cannot play guitar and sing giving best in both fields,so Kaosmos decides to recruit Gabriele Vianello giving way to Matteo to focus on guitar. Gabriele comes from a completely different genre but he integrated very well,learning songs quickly and adapting his voice to best. After a series of live shows,conviction that this project is working becomes stronger,but a series of personal problems force Kaosmos to change the Lead guitar many times and at last the bass guitar,causes an interruption of songwriting.

Despite those initial struggles Kaosmos managed to play some live shows that were received well by the audience and critics.
Now Kaosmos,with Paolo Masoni,are back with a strong line-up and new songs in progress.They are looking forward to let public have fun!
Check them out!!!


     Thanks to my new friend Vlad Nowajczyk from ROCKER magazine from Poland!!!
the Hellion

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