Tell us a little about FDX

ADZ: It’s a long story my brother what would you like to know first.

How did it all come together?

   ADZ: Well its been GA our front-mans’  baby for a long time , things only really hit a pro stride when myself and Davie joined just under two years ago and introduced our style and drive into the mix.


Speaking of style and drive, describe the sound of FDX.

ADZ: That’s not an easy one to define , GA would probably give a much more apt description than me but I would say that the X are the next natural evolution of metal music.
How has the recording process been?

ADZ: Long and stressful as its been a self funded and mostly self recorded album between our home rehearsal area and couple of local studios here in south Wales but given the situation I believe we’ve done some pretty hefty work for the first official FDX release.

Is there a title for the record?

     ADZ: The current title is ” Killer. “

Is this a “Full” release or an EP?

 ADZ: A full album.

How will it be released?

   ADZ: Both physically and digitally through PolyRam records.

Do you plan on touring to support the new record?

 ADZ: Oh for sure bro , weve a couple of small festival slots booked here for February and a small run. f dates then were planning a small U.S. Promo tour in late march sorta time with fellow PolyRam  label mates still to be confirmed.

Tell us anything else you want about FDX

ADZ: Well the only thing to really say is expect the unexpected in the most bad-ass way and finally as we always say ” Prepare to not know what the f**k hit you ” we’re coming.

Thanks for this quick Q&A, any shout outs you want to give?

 ADZ: Anytime brother , a massive shout out to the incredible DBZ guitars and diamond amplification for the support and yourself for your amazing support brother , what you’re doing with Bleach Bangs and the blog is awesome and you will always have my support.



GA Calford – Vocals, Guitars
Adz Redpath- Guitars
Rob- G- Bass
Kristofer Davies- Drums





are you xperienced?

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