I have been fortunate in my life. I have a solid family, am gainfully employed, and in relatively (there have been some issues) good health, and I have my extended music family. We are a community and we need to stand strong for those in our community. In the last few years I have met some great bands and some great fans. The only way the music community can succeed is by the support given by EVERYONE. We need to remember this every day.  We also need to take the time and try to get to know each other and help each other through our various hard times. Sometimes a crisis can be averted by someone just listening to someone else. There have been many times that a simple phone call has made a difference in my life when I’m feeling down. The world used to seem such vast place when I was a child, not so anymore. As of this post, we are at 121 countries actively reading the blog, 121 countries! Music lovers from around the globe, FAMILY from the four corners of the earth. What does this mean? To me it gives me the ability to share bands that I know and the music they make with people who might not have ever had the chance to hear them. I also get to find and hear bands that I would not necessarily have heard as well. One of the things I am passionate about is helping these various bands break out from their respective “local” areas and bring their music and live shows to the world. Remember: KISS, Motley Crue, Metallica, etc. are ALL local bands somewhere. Do me a couple of favors today in your travels: 1. take the time to stop and tell someone that you care for them, and LISTEN to what they have to say. 2. Share a piece of music or a band with someone that might not have heard it/them. Let us as musicians/fans make a difference and show people the strength of our music community.


the Hellion


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