Joe Holmes, in my opinion, is a highly overlooked player. The man took lessons from Randy Rhoads in the late 70’s, was a member of Lizzy Bordin, replaced Jason Becker in David Lee Roth’s band when Jason was diagnosed with ALS, and filled in for Zakk Wylde in Ozzy’s band. Here is a video for “Mr. Crowley” featuring Joe Holmes on guitar:

     Now Joe is back with a vengeance with FARMIKOS. I have heard one track and I must say I am blown away. According to the FARMIKOS Facebook page Joe has been working with vocalist Robbie Locke and had guests like Robert Trujillo and Brooks Wackerman, and song writing contributions from Brent Hoffort.

     Be sure to go to the Facebook page and give them a like: I f you want to hear a sneak peak of the record there is a song streaming at the official website at:


Really looking forward to this one!

the Hellion

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