After a LONG, LONG drive from NM to Los Angeles CA we got some sleep and woke up and headed to Anaheim to take in the experience that was NAMM 2013.

outside of NAMM 2013

outside of NAMM 2013

It started out with my typical run of luck. My partner in NAMM 2013, Charlie M.F. Owens, rolled in and was badged in a matter of minutes. Me, not so lucky, I was told “your badge has already been printed, so go to the badge pickup line.” I did, no badge, and was told “oh, you’re media, go to this other building to get your badge.” Again, I did, waited in line got up to the counter and…..”Hmm sir your badge won’t print out, you need to go to this other line.” Yet again, I did and finally, just as I was losing hope….SUCCESS!!! I have to give credit to the NAMM staff. They were handling the HUGE influx of people efficiently and with smiles on their faces.

We got in and were wowed by the amount of gear and people there.Our first mission was to attend a press conference help by Orange Amplification They were launching a new, revolutionary tube tester.  Video of the press conference will be available soon on our site.

Orange Amp press conference

Orange Amp press conference

We headed towards the Aria booth as I had been in contact with them about something special.  The Cliff Burton signature bass guitar. We stood in awe of it as we were shown the prototype by Mr. James Chen. He was the man behind the design and build of this amazing bass, and he gave us an exclusive interview of the bass and it’s design.  The interview will be available soon on our site. Here’s a pic of this amazing bass:

Cliff Burton Signature Bass by Aria

Cliff Burton Signature Bass by Aria

Cliff Burton Bass poster

Cliff Burton Bass poster

We wondered about in wonder at all of the bells and whistles, glam and glitz that was NAMM 2013 day one. In our travels we ran into one Rikki Rockett at his Rockett Drum Works Booth.

Rikki Rockett - Rockett Drum Works

Rikki Rockett – Rockett Drum Works


to be continued…..


the Hellion








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