Crowned by Fire – Southern Horsepower Tour 2013 03/28/13



Ever since Crowned By Fire hit my radar I have been jonesing to see them live. I have been lucky enough to have become friends with guitarist Justin Manning, and interviewed him  on several occasions. When the promise of new music via a new EP called SPACE MUSIC FOR CAVE PEOPLE was announced the metal world shivered in anticipation. Add to the fact that it was being recorded at The Black Vatican (Zakk Wylde’s personal studio) AND was being produced by the one and only Sterling Winfield (Pantera, HellYeah, Damageplan, yeah that guy) make it a winner straight out of the gate.


Even cooler was the announcement of their Southern Horsepower Tour 2013. The Metal Gods were smiling down on me when it was revealed that the tour was starting in my hometown. FINALLY I would be able to experience Crowned By Fire in person. The day had finally come.

The day of the show was it was hard to stay focused on work but I managed. A text and then phone call with Justin let me know they were closing in on my home town. They wanted a day room to freshen up before the show so a quick phone call to the man Trev McKendry (band manager) and info was passed along and the band was taken care of.

I met the guys as they were getting ready for the show and found them to be just as awesome as I had hoped them to be. I wanted to do something nice for them and get them dinner before the show. We headed towards a restaurant that was near the venue but it had unfortunately gone out of business. There was a local brew pub right next to the venue that served food so to the Farside Brew Pub it was. Pizza was ordered and Charles, the proprietor, took care of the beer needs. With bellies full, and good craft beer enjoyed,  we were off next door to the venue.

The amount of gear that the guys pulled out of their trailer seemed endless. It was miraculous how they had fit everything into such a small trailer.



Eventually the gear was in and the set up began. We were all awestruck by the awesomeness of the gear as it was un-crated and revealed. Justin had some wonderful guitars with some awesome stories behind them. The Green V OV Doom and its custom paint work by the AWESOME Jason Oberly .

Green V OV Doom with custom paint by Jason Oberly.

Green V OV Doom with custom paint by Jason Oberly.

Probably one of the more surreal moments of the night was getting to hold in my hands the guitar given to Justin by the one, the only Zakk Wylde. I could feel the immense power emanating from it as it was in my grasp. I was holding the mighty Ol’ Betsy in my grasp. It also had a custom strap made by Chad Erickson of Carved Rock Leather!!!

in awe that I am holding a guitar given to Justin by Zakk Wylde.

in awe that I am holding a guitar given to Justin by Zakk Wylde.

     After watching Justin warm up with licks that would kill a mere mortal it was time. As I was shooting pics of the stage I heard Justin call my name, I handed my camera off to Charlie M.F. Owens and went to see what Justin needed. I was again floored when he told me I was introducing the band. Well, now I was not only going to see one of my favorite bands, I was going to introduce them as well.

Introducing Crowned By Fire

Introducing Crowned By Fire

“Well alright Hooligans! Are you ready for CROWNED BY FIRE?!?!?!” I roared into the microphone and it was on. Exploding on to the stage Crowned By Fire delivered everything I expected, and then some. The band lineup was spot on, Jonathan Paschall brought the thunder from his throne on high, Chris Breedlove  handled the bottom end like a boss, Michael Pacheco kicked your ass with his guitar, and you thanked him for it, John Fitterer   stalked the stage like some deranged shaman belting out vocals from some primal age. And then there is Justin Manning , his wizardry of the fretboard was mystical and enthralling. The combination was perfect. We were treated to some of the new songs from the above mentioned impending release as well as some tracks from the always awesome PRONE TO DESTROY. 


     Wow! What a show! It did not disappoint! Crowned By Fire is a band not to miss and EVERYONE needs to experience it! I will leave you with a video from the show, this is “Buried Away” enjoy!

the Hellion

PS: A special shout out to Chad Miller for keeping the guys geared up and tuned up! Make sure you stop and shake this mans hand for helping to keep the guys runnin’!

Justin and Chad preshow

Justin and Chad preshow

P.S.S. extra special thanks to Lindsey Thompson for handling the merch area, and various and sundry needs. She will prove invaluable to the guys on this tour.

Justin and Lindsey at dinner

Justin and Lindsey at dinner

Crowned By Fire, Classic American Metal? You bet your ass they are!



WORNSTAR ROCK & ROLL CLOTHING COMPANY Steps Into MMA Arena with The “Wornstar Immortals” MMA Line‏

WORNSTAR ROCK & ROLL CLOTHING COMPANY Steps Into MMA Arena with The “Wornstar Immortals” MMA Line


Wornstar Clothing’s CEO and chief-designer—Stephen Jensen—is proud to unleash the new WORNSTAR IMMORTALS line upon the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) culture and the world.

Jensen says, “I’m a big fan of MMA and had a huge opportunity to start pushing the Wornstar line into the MMA realm locally, here in Chicago. I wanted to add to our rock & roll styles and start doing designs that are geared more to the MMA “feel” that MMA fans like myself are wearing. So, we created new designs based on this sport and launched, WORNSTAR IMMORTALS. This is Wornstar’s official MMA branch. We wanted to get some fighters on board to try out the new line and recently, Bellator MMA Featherweight Champion of the World—Pat Curran—approached us and told us how much he loved the look and feel of our brand and how much he wanted to represent our line. Wornstar got behind Pat Curran and made him our first spokesperson for the WORNSTAR IMMORTALS line. I’m excited to announce that Pat Curran will be wearing and debuting WORNSTAR IMMORTALS clothing on April 4th when defends his belt against Shahbulat Shamhalaev live on Spike TV!”

Be sure to tune into Bellator MMA on SPIKE TV on April 4th to watch Pat Curran defend his belt against Shahbulat Shamhalaev. Curran will be sportingWORNSTAR IMMORTALS clothing at this fight. For more info, please visit:


About Wornstar: At Wornstar, we’ve always liked clothes that feel like a second skin, like they’re “worn in.” The whole goal with Wornstar is to make clothing that you WANT to wear, that you’re comfortable in, and that looks cool. We seek the highest quality materials when we craft our clothing.

Since we love music and work with a lot of artists, we also wanted to make shirts that are cool to wear on stage, and have artist’s genuinely embrace the brand, forthe brand. We want that same, “cool appeal” to meet the tastes of our customers. Wornstar is established with the mindset to be a long-standing and classic name.Wornstar strives to be anything but typical, we create designs that appeal to fans and artists of all genres…bridging gaps between hard rock and metal to country and hip-hop with our clothing all with the common thread of American rock & roll. Quality is paramount and Wornstar is all about having “nice feeling” clothes that are really comfortable and that you want to wear every day. We want to make your favorite shirt and we’re continuing to make everything better all the time. –WORNSTAR

Be sure to check out the official WORNSTAR IMMORTALS line and the entire WORNSTAR line at:

Seeker launches “She” teaser video



Headlining “The Rise of Darkness Tour” to commence next month

ImageProxy (1)

DALLAS, TX – Dallas, Texas DIY heavy metal act, Seeker, has revealed a teaser video for the upcoming single, “She,” on YouTube:

Said vocalist, Bryce Lucien, “We’re extremely hard on ourselves, and we are constantly trying to push things further and further with each new song; ‘She’ is no exception. This is the fastest, angriest, and most chaotic track that we have ever released, and we can’t wait to get out on the road and play it live.”

Seeker will unleash the new track in the days leading up to its headlining U.S. tour, “The Rise of Darkness Tour,” set to commence April 5 in Dallas.

Fla. metal outfit, Forty Winters, will accompany Seeker on the spring escapade, which Lucien anticipates will be, “absolute mayhem from start to finish. We couldn’t be more excited to have [Forty Winters] on the road with us next month.”

A full list of confirmed dates can be seen below.

ImageProxy (2)

Seeker burst onto the scene in late 2011, playing its first show on October 1, 2011 before heading out on its first tour the following week. Lucien describes the band’s sound as, “fast, aggressive, pissed off heavy metal. Everything we do is very raw, passionate and honest.”

The band recently wrapped up a U.S. tour with Corelia and I, Omega, releasing a brand new single, “Alone,” before its departure. Fans can download/stream “Alone” for free on Bandcamp at: A lyric video for “Alone” can be seen on YouTube at:

Stay tuned to the official Seeker Facebook page: for new music and tour-dates.

Seeker on “The Rise of Darkness Tour”…

4/05 – Dallas, TX @ Sons of Hermann Hall

4/06 – Austin, TX @ The Hole In The Wall

4/07 – McAllen, TX @ Nikki Rowe VFW

4/08 – El Paso, TX @ The War Room

4/09 – Tempe, AZ @ The Spot

4/10 – Yuma, AZ @ The Venue

4/11 – San Diego, CA @ VFW 3788

4/12 – Cupertino, CA @ The Refuge

4/13 – Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center

4/14 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Eagles Lodge

4/16 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Shred Shed

4/17 – Denver, CO @ The Roxy Theater

4/18 – Colorado Springs, CO @ Sunshine Studios

4/19 – Albuquerque, NM @ Gasworks

4/20 – Claremore, OK @ 18644 S. 4230 Rd.

4/21 – Shreveport, LA @ Mediastar Entertainment Hall

Seeker online…

Seeker is…

Bryce Lucien – Vocals

Justin Edgerton – Guitar

Chris Keasler – Bass

Dustin Weaver – Drums



You find family in the strangest places. I found Rikk at NAMM 2013 and we hit it off right away. We have stayed in touch since then and had a chance to do a phone interview recently. I am honored to share some of Rikk’s latest accomplishments and a bit of his music with this interview. Rikk has recently been endorsed by Splawn Amps and C.R. Alsip Guitars.


Enjoy the interview right here:



     What makes a great guitarist? That’s a hard question to answer. I can tell you in my opinion that it’s not just speed, or technical skill, it’s if the player feels what he’s playing and is able to convey that feeling to the listeners. Redd does just that for me. From the first time I saw him perform with Scattered Hamlet I knew there was something special about him. It’s as if the ghosts of guitar legends past are watching over and infusing Redd with their powers. Check out his skills on “Outlaw Anthem”:

     Redd, in my opinion, will only continue to grow as a player and I cannot even imagine the level of greatness he will achieve. From straight up Blues based Rock N’ Roll, to in your face crunchy, tasty metal, Redd has it covered. He whips around the stage like a whirling dervish, never missing a lick while doing so. With Adam Joad on vocals/guitar, Jake Delling Le Bas on drums, Richard Erwin on bass/vocals, and Adam Newell on guitars/vocals, Redd and Scattered Hamlet are a musical force to be reckoned with!

     Yup, Redd’s got skills, and one day I hope to see Redd gracing the cover of the guitar magazines.  Redd is but one of a crop of new guitarists that should be recognized among their peers, I will focus on these players as well in upcoming posts.

Do yourself a favor and check out Scattered Hamlet  and pick up their music at the Scattered Hamlet General Store! Scattered Hamlet has just released their first full length CD Skeleton Dixie to the world, your ears are missing out if you haven’t heard it.




Thank you Redd for giving me faith in the next generation of players.

the Hellion


Five more bands for you to enjoy and support!!!!



“People just want music they can get up and shake their asses to” A crass but fitting description from guitarist Mike Allen of the musical drive that fuels Southern Ontario’s heavy groove kings HARM. Everyone who has seen HARM live has been churned back through the venue doors hooked, and ready for more. Their musical innovation and intensity translates strongly through mics and amps, hitting the crowds right in their core. They’ve booked packed–house shows around the region and back, including Lee’s Palace, Absinthe, Kathedral, Casbah, Red Rooster and the Horseshoe, to name a few. Harm was also a featured act at 2008’s Roger’s Spring Music Festival and performed at the Y108/ Breakout Band Challenge and Metal Queen Management’s metal festival in Downsview Park.




Emperors and Elephants formed in late 2011, but despite its youth on the scene has already supported acts such as Soil, PopEvil and many others. Recently my  friend Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper added his world class guitar skills to this band. I, for one, cannot wait for the new music to come out from these guys!!!



Influenced by metal greats such as Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Black Label Society, Front man/guitarist, Randall Phillips and Bass player and genetic throwback, Kage sought out to create and spread a metal that was superior. After a short search followed by what some would consider a humilliating first few months the drumming skills of Brett Dobbs was added. After a few failed attempts to round out the quartet the Heretics finally came in contact with Shane Davis, whose tenacity would put the hardest of workers to shame. The Southern Heretics proudly stand guard at the wall that seperates those with souls of metal, from the posers. Unwilling to bend, compromise is not an option, Randall, Kage, Brett and Shane are who they are, non-conformists, Heretics to the end.



Any band that cites the following influences has to be checked out: Blues, Country, Exploitation movies, Captain Morgan spiced gold and Absinthe. Hailing from Sweden this band is new to the scene and we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for more from them.



Strikes At One represents time and the realization that everyone’s time is limited. To that end, Strikes has hit the ground running with the release of their debut EP ‘Hardwired’ earlier this year. Strikes co-produced the EP along with Ryan Guanzon of New Medicine (recorded and produced bass, drums and guitar) and Jon Sinclair, who recently mastered tracks by Shiny Toy Guns.
Featuring Matt Molloy on lead guitar, Jordan Hankey on bass and Beau Bricher on drums, Strikes’ sound was developed in Santa Barbara in the bands personal studio. Adding Bret Campbell to the mix on vocals proved to be the final compliment to the sound they had all been searching for. Strikes’ sound is distinct and uncompromising. Reminiscent of classic rock but with Metal, Funk and Blues influences wrapped into a sound that is undeniably original. The sincerity of Bret’s vocals, the melodic weaving of Matt’s guitar, the punch and calculated clarity of Jordan’s bass and the amazing intensity that Beau brings on the drums. With songs like ‘Pyramid’ that harness raw power to ‘On My Way’ that shows vulnerability to ‘Sayonara’ which was a song written about a tragic loss… “Blowing around like scattered leaves in a life we think we own, but this ain’t home, light falls from me but know I am not left alone,” this band is an experience that is universal to all.



This Year Featuring:


The 72-Hour Get Off Your Ass Deal Starts TODAY – Get $20 Lawn Tickets NOW!

image001 (3)

Tour Starts June 29th in San Bernardino, CA

The time has come! Tickets are on sale at 12pm Noon across all markets for ALL 2013 ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL tour stops. Get your tickets NOW at or Additionally, today is the kick off for the 72-hour $20 Get Off Your Ass ticket deal! Act now – for the next 72 hours (through Monday, March 25thget off your ass and get $20 lawn tickets for the 2013 ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL (while supplies last, excluding Boise, ID market). Get your 72-hour Get Off Your Ass tickets at the official ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL website –

On Monday, the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL, the world’s biggest hard and heavy music touring festival announced its electrifying sixth-year lineup at the official press conference, which took place at the legendary Whisky A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA. An impressive 3.8 mile processional of custom motorcycles and carriages ushered this year’s artists from the Hollywood Palladium all the way to their final destination at the Whisky. Fans, press and industry came out in droves to witness what proved to be an amazingly unprecedented event. Check out some exclusive footage on the official ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL YouTube page now: Also, make sure to check out photos and interviews that took place at the press conference via RollingStone.comLA Weekly, and FUSE TV now!

Artists performing on the 2013 thunderous fest include main stage metal and horror legend, festival closer, ROB ZOMBIE, plus, the triple gold certified FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and a monster lineup that includes additional main stage bands MASTODON andAMON AMARTH. The festival area is led by stage closers CHILDREN OF BODOM and MACHINE HEAD as well asBEHEMOTHJOB FOR A COWBOYEMMUREBORN OF OSIRISMOTIONLESS IN WHITEBUTCHER BABIES, BATTLECROSSHUNTRESSTHROWN INTO EXILE and CITY IN THE SEA. Four stages will be presented this year for the first time ever and the stages include the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAIN STAGE, THE JAGERMEISTER STAGE, MUSICIANS INSTITUTE STAGE, as well as, the SUMERIAN RECORDS/HEADBANG FOR THE HIGHWAY CONCOURSE STAGE, (local bands performing on the Sumerian Records/Headbang for the Highway Stage will be announced in June). The World’s Greatest Freestyle Motocross team THE METAL MULISHA is also confirmed to perform on most dates.



In addition to catching their favorite bands live, fans can take part in a number of festival activities, including playing the newest video games, perusing vendors, attending autograph signing sessions and a slew of various interactive activities that will only add to the festival experience.

ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK will be sampling their products and providing awesome surprises for all attendees.  Rockstar will also present the VIP/Contest winner area designated as THE ROCKSTAR LOUNGE and the festival area PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR TENT where fans can sample ice cold Rockstar and get autographs from their favorite bands.

Addition to the festival’s music and arts, MUSICIANS INSTITUTE and the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival have partnered to create the Rockstar Mayhem Independent Artist Scholarship! This scholarship fully covers tuition and material fees for a two quarter IAP certificate (Room, Boarding and Travel are not included.) The application period runs from March 18 until June 1, 2013. Applicants must to enter.

The tour will stop in 26 cities across the United States and Canada as it makes its way to the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, Texas on August 4th, 2013. Dates and venues are listed below. Fans can go to to keep up with additional details as they are released.


Tour dates are as follows:


Date    City                             Venue

6/29     San Bernardino, CA     San Manuel Amphitheater

6/30     Mountain View, CA    Shoreline Amphitheatre

7/2       Boise, ID                    Idaho Center Amphitheatre

7/3       Auburn, WA                White River Amphitheater

7/5       Phoenix, AZ                Desert Sky Pavilion

7/6       Albuquerque, NM        Isleta Amphitheatre

7/7       Denver, CO                 Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre

7/10     Toronto, ON                Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

7/12     Burgettstown, PA         First Niagara Pavilion

7/13     Scranton, PA                Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain

7/14     Darien Center, NY       Darien Lake PAC

7/16     Mansfield, MA            Comcast Center

7/17     Bangor, ME                 Bangor Waterfront

7/19     Camden, NJ                 Susquehanna Bank Center

7/20     Saratoga Springs, NY   SPAC

7/21     Hartford, CT                The Comcast Theatre

7/23     Holmdel, NJ               PNC Bank Arts Center

7/24     Bristow, VA                 Jiffy Lube Live

7/26     Noblesville, IN            Klipsch Music Center

7/27     Tinley Park, IL             First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

7/28     Clarkston, MI DTE      Energy Music Theatre

7/30     Atlanta, GA                 Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood

7/31     Tampa, FL                   Live Nation Amphitheatre at the Florida State Fairgrounds

8/2       Austin, TX                   Austin360 Amphitheater

8/3       The Woodlands, TX    Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

8/4       Dallas, TX                   Gexa Energy Pavilion









CHILDREN OF BODOM                                             MACHINE HEAD

BEHEMOTH                                                                   JOB FOR A COWBOY

EMMURE                                                                        BUTCHER BABIES

BORN OF OSIRIS                                                         BATTLECROSS

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE                                         HUNTRESS





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Self-Titled Album Out Now via Bloody Bat Records!


SUNFLOWER DEAD is out on the road now with All That RemainsHellYeah, and Nonpoint! Select dates will also include performances by In This Moment. See below for all current tour dates and stay tuned for updates!

SUNFLOWER DEAD’s new music video for their track ‘Make Me Drown’ is available for viewing on YouTube right now at this link:

The band’s new self-titled album is available now via Bloody Bat Records. You can purchase the album at, or with  iTunesAmazonRhapsodyeMusic and PureTracks.


3/22/2013        Club Nokia                  Los Angeles, CA

3/23/2013        The Knitting Factory    Reno, NV (w/ In This Moment)

3/24/2013        The Knitting Factory    Boise, ID (w/ In This Moment, NO HellYeah)

3/25/2013        The Black Sheep          Colorado Springs, CO (off date, In This Moment headlining)

3/27/2013        In The Venue               Salt Lake City, UT

3/29/2013        Wilma Theater             Missoula, MT

3/30/2013        The Knitting Factory    Spokane, WA

3/31/2013        Roseland Theater         Portland, OR

4/1/2013          The Showbox              Seattle, WA

4/3/2013          Bismarck Civic Center Bismarck, ND (w/ In This Moment)

4/5/2013          The Venue @ The Hub            Fargo, ND

4/6/2013          The Wicked Moose      Rochester, MN

4/7/2013          Mojoes                         Joliet, IL

4/9/2013          Club Fever                   South Bend, IN

4/10/2013        Austin’s Fuel Room     Libertyville, IL

4/12/2013        The Masquerade          Atlanta, GA

SUNFLOWER DEAD consists of Jamie Teissere (guitar, formerly of Droid), Michael Del Pizzo (vocals, piano, accordion), Jaboo (guitar) formerly of Two Hit Creeper, Luis Gascon (bass) touring member of Buckethead, and Jimmy Schultz (drums) touring drummer of In This Moment. The band formed with a goal of creating an undeniable unit that would not just move but more importantly, entertain people.

For more information on SUNFLOWER DEAD, please visit these websites:


Scattered Hamlet - Skeleton Dixie CD cover

Scattered Hamlet – Skeleton Dixie CD cover

It’s finally here!!! The official release of the highly anticipated full length release from SCATTERED HAMLET!!!!

If you haven’t had the chance to pick up your physical copy you can now get it online!!!

Support this GREAT band out on the road so they can continue to bring you their unique style of dirty Rock N’ Roll to you!

Their shows are an experience and the band loves to meet and greet their fan base!!!


-the Hellion

(Hell Rider Prez)


Here’s the official release from the band:


Alright Hell Riders It’s Here!
Scattered Hamlet’s first full length album Skeleton Dixie is available for purchase on all major platforms!
And of course any time you come see a live show we will be selling hard copies!  We will be on the road all of April so come out and party with us!
The April Tour Dates are:
April 5 – Kansas City
April 6 – Algona, IA
April 12 – Crest Hill, IL
April 13 – South Barrington, IL
April 18 – Cape Giradeu, MO
April 19 – Fort Smith, AR
April 20 – Oklahoma City, OK
April 25 – Pueblo, CO
April 26 – Auroa, CO
April 27 – Durango, CO
There are more dates to be added for April as well so check our FaceBook page at and check the Tour Tab and see any new dates that may have been added!
Keep Rockin’ Hell Riders!

LAMB OF GOD Announce May 2013 Secondary Market Run – “Metal On The Mountain” Retreat Scheduled For July 15-19‏

LAMB OF GOD Announce May 2013 Secondary Market Run

“Metal On The Mountain” Retreat Scheduled For July 15-19



With the recent exoneration of front man Randy Blythe from all charges in the Czech Republic, LAMB OF GOD announces today a tour of secondary markets May 16th through June 20th.  The tour continues the support of the album Resolution and hits 30 markets not yet visited on the current album cycle.  Support on all dates will be Decapitated with Terror appearing through June 10th and The Acacia Strain appearing on the remaining shows.


In addition, the band announces today the Metal on the Mountain retreat July 15th through 19th to be held at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York.  The weeklong retreat, which is limited to 170 fans, will feature activities aimed at musicians and non musicians alike. The curriculum, created by the band, will include guitar and drum clinics with Mark Morton, Willie Adler, and Chris Adler as well as group instruction, songwriting sessions and competitions, nightly jam sessions with the band and fans, band Q & A, the premiere of the LAMB OF GOD feature film scheduled for a fall theatrical release, and a full band concert the final night of the retreat.  Long time band album designer Ken Adams will discuss the creation of LAMB OF GOD album and t-shirt designs and band tour manager and sound man Brian Griffin will instruct fans on the art of mixing a live metal show.  Non-musical activities will include motorcycle excursions with bassist John Campbell, a seminar on primitive fire building by Randy Blythe, and a casino night. Also, all of the fans will enjoy all of the amenities available at the Full Moon Resort.  For more information on the Metal on the Mountain retreat, go to


Dates for the May tour are below. All shows are scheduled to go on sale the weekend of March 29th and 30th.



Thu/May-16 Asheville, NC The Orange Peel
Fri/May-17 Chattanooga, TN Track 29
Sat/May-18 Nashville, TN Marathon Music Works
Sun/May-19 Columbus, OH Rock on the Range
Mon/May-20 Columbia, MO Blue Note
Tue/May-21 OFF  
Wed/May-22 Boulder, CO Boulder Theater
Thu/May-23 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue
Fri/May-24 Boise, ID Revolution Center
Sat/May-25 Reno, NV Knitting Factory
Sun/May-26 Ventura, CA Ventura Theater
Mon/May-27 OFF / Memorial Day  
Tue/May-28 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theater
Wed/May-29 Anaheim, CA The Grove
Thu/May-30 OFF  
Fri/May-31 Chico, CA Senator Theater
Sat/Jun-01 Portland, OR Roseland Ballroom
Sun/Jun-02 Kennewick, WA Toyota Ice Arena
Mon/Jun-03 Missoula, MT Wilma Theater
Tue/Jun-04 Billings, MT Shrine Auditorium
Wed/Jun-05 OFF  
Thu/Jun-06 Fargo, ND The Venue
Fri/Jun-07 Madison, WI Orpheum Theater
Sat/Jun-08 Lincoln, NE Bourbon Theater
Sun/Jun-09 Wichita, KS The Cotillion
Mon/Jun-10 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom
Tue/Jun-11 OFF  
Wed/Jun-12 Ft. Wayne, IN Pierre’s
Thu/Jun-13 Rochester, NY Water Street Music Hall
Fri/Jun-14 Atlantic City, NJ House of Blues
Sat/Jun-15 Montebello, QC Montebello Marina / D-Tox Fest
Sun/Jun-16 Portland, ME State Theater
Mon/Jun-17 OFF  
Tue/Jun-18 Worcester, MA Palladium Ballroom
Wed/Jun-19 Baltimore, MD Rams Head
Thu/Jun-20 Norfolk, VA The Norva