Formed in the year 2000 under the monicker Devils Whorehouse by Morgan from Marduk, and after releasing the highly acclaimed albums ”Revelation Unorthodox” and ”Blood & Ashes” as well as the eps, ”Howling” and ”Werewolf”, the band fell its time to change name as the music and philosophy behind the orchestra has outgrown its name. The end of one world and the birth of another. The band now continues under the name Death Wolf symbolising the strenght,dedication and will shown in its creations. The band just finished the recording of its upcoming album filled with Northern end themes and death hymns. Cold steel over the worlds throat. More info regarding its imminent release will follow shortly.. The band can also proudly announce its first live apperance which will be taking place in June at the Wave-Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany on the 12th of June. Tracklist an info regarding release date will be announced very soon. Stay tuned!!!



Scandinavian Black Metal has been in dire need for an injection of fresh blood during the last years. Now RIMFROST are powerfully sticking it to this scene with ice-cold needles. “Veraldar Nagli”, which translates as “Axis of the World” – meaning the North Star, is unleashing an avalanche of frost-bitten, melodic riffing. The Swedes from Borås are organically fusing Black, Death and Thrash Metal into a mighty sound of their own. RIMFROST successfully merge the frost-bitten drive of early IMMORTAL with the pounding groove and catchiness of AMON AMARTH and the harsh attitude of SLAYER. Despite this heavy name-dropping the duo has created a sound of its own long since its founding and honed it to sophistication in its eighth year of existence.



The seed of fire was born in the summer of 2003 when 4 friends got together to have fun, krank up the amps, and raise some hell! Originally hailing from Waltham,MA, Graveyard BBQ’s self-proclaimed “DIRTCORE” sound is a style coined by Slinger/Vox/Songwriter/Visionary/Creator, “Brownbag Johnson”. It’s recipe is a unique high-voltage blend of “Old school Delta Country Blues, penetrated by Monstrous/Sleazy guitar riffs, Electrifying slide-guitar, Thunderous Bass and Drums, Powerful/ Gritty/ Sinister vocals, fronted by a rebel rock attitude that boasts SEX, BOOZE, n ROCKnROLL!!!” Of Graveyard BBQ’s many traits, fun is the bottom line. They incorporate their strong roots into their own modern soul-laced style of an electrified rock carnival that grabs you by the balls and says “I said dance!” Their song’s lyrical content is almost always laced with a devishly fun n’ twisted sense of humor, but also contains more serious themes of real individual life experiences, substance, and conviction of payin their dues while singin’ the blues which makes the story complete



Rock n’ Roll history is rife with brothers working together to create their artistic vision. But rarely do we hear about a full-fledged family unit embarking down the treacherous path of a musical career. In the case of Texas based Mothership, the Brother Juett (Kyle on bass, younger brother Kelley on guitar) enlisted the aid of their father, John Juett, to help get the ‘ship off the ground. Raised on a healthy dose of their father’s 70’s-era record collection, the brothers began crafting songs fueled on the raucous and raw good time vibe when music seemed to know no bounds. Lifting off the pad for the first time in 2010, the band began to gain momentum and notoriety with their unabashed live shows. Knowing that the service of the family patriarch was temporary, Father Juett actively helped his boys find his replacement, and in late 2011, enter the mighty Judge Smith to hammer away on the skins. In early 2012, Mothership entered Crystal Clear Studios with Wo Fat mastermind Kent Stump manning the boards and by mid-year, the band self-released their debut album. It was the combination of the 70’s-era heavy rock fuzz and fury mixed with the blistering guitar solos of the NWOBHM-era that drew the bands attention to California-based Heavy Rock label, Ripple Music. In the waning months of 2012, after a successful year of traveling regionally throughout Texas and opening for national acts such as Prong, Red Fang, Gypsyhawk, Earthen Grave, and Lo-Pan, Mothership officially dubbed Ripple Music as its Home Port and began plotting a course for their first U.S. Tour in early 2013.



New Ep “Wild at Heart” out now. 5 promo songs for fans, labels and booking.


now you know

–the Hellion

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