scars blue

1. Separated

2. Emotional Void

3. Lies Bleeding

4. Friends

5. Left Drunk

6. Thumper

     What can I say about this CD? WOW! Comes to mind pretty easily. I have known Guitarist Tim Griffiths Garcia for quite a while now. I knew he played guitar but as to the extent of his playing, this completely blew me away. Combined with the clockwork drumming of Jeff Gerdts, the solid bottom end of bassist Dan “Dannikk” Linich, and the vocal mastery of Dion Tejada, Scars Blue shows ya what Rock N ‘ Roll is. Let get into the tracks.

Right off the bat the opener “Separated” grabs hold of your ears and takes you into the world of Scars Blue. “Separated” is the standout track for me on this CD. Well written, very well recorded, and catchy. All the right combinations for a song.

“Emotional Void” opens right into a solid groove that will have you trapping your foot right along with it. Without realizing it you will get lost in the groove and find yourself humming along.

          “Lies Bleeding” is the track everyone is most familiar with as it was the first video made from the EP. Tasty track for their first single. You can check it out here:

     “Friends” slows it down a bit showcasing the bands melodic side. Heavy, deep, and emotional with killer licks intertwined throughout it adds to the diversity of the CD.

     “Left Drunk” is a little bit more funky than the other tracks an showcases the talents that these players so humbly possess. The skill level of this band is amazing.

     “Thumper” is just that, it thumps you up like something fierce. This track is fun to watch live, in fact, I just happen to have a live video right here:

     Mastered to perfection by the amazing Christopher Kinder (drummer from John Oliva’s Pain) at Shabbey Road Studios, the CD marks a triumphant debut CD for Scars Blue! Solid, straight up, no B.S. Rock N’ Roll!!! Be sure to check them out online!


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