New Jersey Hard Rock Legends SKID ROW to Release New Album ‘United World Rebellion – Chapter One’ on April 16, 2013‏

New Jersey Hard Rock Legends SKID ROW to Release New Album ‘United World Rebellion – Chapter One’ on April 16, 2013


No April Fools here— SKID ROW is back! The New Jersey hard rock legends have returned with their first new music in seven years. Their new EP, entitled United World Rebellion – Chapter One is SKID ROW coming out swinging. The reincarnated band, featuring Snake Sabo (guitars), Rachel Bolan (bass), Scotti Hill (guitars), Johnny Solinger (vocals) and Rob Hammersmith (drums), will release the new EP on April 16, 2013 via MRI. United World Rebellion – Chapter One is the first in a series of EPs that the band plans to release in the near future.


United World Rebellion – Chapter One reignites the youthful energy and blistering sound that SKID ROW is recognized for around the world. “That sound and energy is what resonates with people and knocks them on their ass,” says drummer Rob Hammersmith. “We had a lot of great ideas to work with, so we’re all really excited about this new music.”


SKID ROW’s rebellious tunes hit the big time in the late1980’s. However, after several top ten singles, gold and multi-platinum sales, No. 1 Billboard charting tracks and more, the band split in 1996. In 2000, to the delight of fans everywhere, SKID ROW reformed and returned to the stage to open for Kiss. They then released two new musical offerings in the form of 2003’s ThickSkin and 2006’s Revolutions Per Minute with new singer Johnny Solinger out front. Seven years later, the band is back again with new music, ready to take over in the new age of heavy metal.

“When we put the band back together, we needed to reintroduce SKID ROW as relevant without relying too much on past success,” explains bassist Rachel Bolan. “We sunk our heart and soul into it, letting people know we weren’t doing it for lack of nothing better to do.”


For the new EP series, Rachel Bolan and guitarist Snake Sabo tapped again into the potent songwriting collaboration that built SKID ROW. Sabo says they were eagerly up to the challenge. “We seem to be at our best when we’re faced with adversity. It’s us against the world again — and by us I mean the band and the fans who stick with us and carry the SKID ROW torch without fail.”


“The idea [of releasing EPs] really appealed to me,” adds Bolan, “Especially with the constantly changing musical climate. I like the idea of a steady flow of new music, as opposed to releasing a full-length album then riding it for the next two years.”


And although striving to reintroduce themselves and try something different, these boys are still strong in their roots. They got older, butSKID ROW never really grew up. United World Rebellion is still the youth gone wild, their musical spark still burning gasoline.


“I will always be that 16-year-old kid in front of the mirror, pretending to be Ace Frehley or Michael Schenker,” admits guitarist Snake Sabo. “It’s still about writing a great song with your friend, praying it connects with someone. That has never left me. That willfulness will always exist, and there’s so much left to say!”


Their rebellion continues. United World Rebellion starts now.


For more information on SKID ROW, visit these websites:

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