Rob Traynor gives us the lowdown on Black Water Rising


Rob Traynor-Vocals/Guitar
Dennis Kimak-Guitar
Mike Meselsohn-Drums
Oddie Mclaughlin-Bass

The first time I heard the track “Brother Go On” by Black Water Rising it stopped me in my tracks. Groovin’ with a heavy vibe it was something special. After searching around for the record, to no avail in the stores, I ordered it online and was completely satisfied. Heavy with killer riffs, powerful lyrics it kept my attention with every song. Here we are years later and there is an impending new release from Black Water Rising and, I nailed an interview with vocalist/guitarist/founder Rob Traynor.

2102_1084084425275_8625_n     Before you listen to the interview, Which includes the new track “Show No Mercy”, watch the video which started it all for me “Brother Go On”:

     Be sure and check them out at : and on facebook :

     Now, sit back, open a cold beverage, and enjoy getting to know Rob:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

     the Hellion

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