SUNSET RIOT “All Class, No Trash” USA Tour 2013 – 5/4/13 THE FIRST SHOW!!!


     It’s been almost a year since I last saw Sunset Riot. I met this OZ-some band last year and it was love at first sight. Down to earth, personable, and hard working, Dellacoma, JP, Resh, Ziggy, and Simo welcomed me as family with hugs and much love. When we saw them before the show last night it was like seeing family that lives far away and you get to see sparingly. We caught up for a moment and then the madness began.

Ziggy, Simo, the Hellion, JP, Dellacoma, Resh

Ziggy, Simo, the Hellion, JP, Dellacoma, Resh

After an introduction by my brother Charlie Owens the band took the stage and never gave it back. Whirling about the stage like dynamos Sunset Riot delivered their brand of “OZ-some” Rock N’ Roll and then some. This combination of musicians has the right chemistry for success. JP owns the right side of the stage and delivers guitar playing like the guitar gods of old.

the ever amazing JP

the ever amazing JP

Like a madman about the stage, Ziggys’ guitars provide the perfect balance to JP.

Ziggy rockin' the mic

Ziggy rockin’ the mic

Simo, who joined the band on their tour last year, is the perfect fit for Sunset Riot. His bass playing style is aggressive and solid.

Simo, you know you love him!

Simo, you know you love him!

Ahhh Resh, this guy knows his way around a drum kit. He keeps the band in perfect rhythm.

Resh keeping perfect time as usual

Resh keeping perfect time as usual

And then there’s Dellacoma, the epitome of a rockstar. Slithering around the stage like a wild animal, driving the women crazy with his sensuality. Making the crowd feel like they are part of the show, sharing his microphone with various crowd members at times, singing to various people, thoroughly bringing  the crowd into his space.

Dellacoma - front man extraordinaire

Dellacoma – front man extraordinaire

What can I say about a Sunset Riot performance? Well here’s taste, and if you wanna know more you’re gonna have to see for yourself:


     After spending most of today with the guys just hanging out I was asked by Ziggy “Why do you like Sunset Riot?” Here is my answer:

     Sunset Riot is a band that just plain makes you feel good. Sometimes when things just seem to piss me off, there is Sunset Riot playing inside my head. The songs get inside you and just fill you with good vibes. Catchy, hook laden, flowing lyrics, combined with down to earth band members, what else could a music lover ask for? A Sunset Riot show? An hour of leaving your cares at the door, hanging with family and friends, a smile from ear to ear, and that smile will stay with you for a while.

     Be sure to check out Sunset Riot “All Class, No Trash” tour dates  at:

     band page:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

     the Hellion

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