Robert Sarzo releases After The Storm



1. War Dance
2. Don’t Change Your Love
3. Lace, Pearls and Fire
4. Innocent Girl
5. Not Yet
6. Los Canbios De Amore
7. Heilo Y Fuego
8. Angelita
9. Backbeat

     Robert Sarzo is one of the worlds outstanding guitarists. I was fortunate to meet him and his brother Rudy at a recent Queensryche show. His playing and showmanship was outstanding.

Robert Sarzo on fire!

Robert Sarzo on fire!

Now Robert has released After The Storm. I picked it up yesterday and haven’t stopped listening to it. Full of tribal sounds, Latin rhythms and full on metal licks, there is something here for everyone.

After The Storm opens with the tribal inspired instrumental  “War Dance”. Great drum beat backed with ethereal sounds make up this track. “Don’t Change Your Love” is a straight on rocker full of great riffs and smoking vocals. Pure rocking at its finest. “Lace, Pearls, And Fire” is one  my stand out tracks on this record. Catchy hooks and dirty blues based rock make this a do NOT miss song. “Innocent Girl” slows the pace a bit but loses nothing in that. Opening with beautiful guitars, it leads into a “raise your lighter to the sky” type of ballad full of emotion and melody another stand out track for sure. “Not Yet” is a great sing along track that will get your blood pumping and head nodding in time to the hook, another favorite. “Los Canbios De Amore” is the kickass Spanish version of “Don’t Change Your Love”. “Heilo Y Fuego” is the awesome Spanish version of  “Lace, Pearls, And Fire”. “Angelita” is the Spanish version of “Innocent Girl” . “Backbeat” closes out this wonderful record with another rocking tune that fills the ears with joy.

Robert is filled with true musical talent and this talent needs to be heard. Be sure and pick it up at

You can keep up with Robert on Facebook at:

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ Roll!

the Hellion

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