Goblin Metal? You Heard Right! Los Angeles, CA’s NEKROGOBLIKON to Unleash “Power” on August 27, 2013‏

Goblin Metal? You Heard Right!

Los Angeles, CA’s NEKROGOBLIKON to Unleash “Power” on August 27, 2013

Official Music Video for ‘No One Survives’ – 2 MILLION VIEWS and Counting


What happens when you put a bunch of bloodthirsty music-loving goblins together? Well, a lot of disembowelment, but also a lot of catchy tunes. Formed six millennia ago, and practicing only every other leap year on a full moon, NEKROGOBLIKON has finally perfected their brand of crushing music. Arguably the first ever goblin metal band ever, NEKROGOBLIKON is pleased to announce the upcoming release of their brand new crusher of a record, Power, hitting stores on August 27, 2013. Power is produced byNEKROGOBLIKON, and is mixed by Matt Hyde (Deftones, Children of Bodom).


For a taste of what NEKROGOBLIKON is about, check out their recently released music video for the track ‘No One Survives’ (featuring Jon Lajoie of Comedy Central’s “The League” and adult entertainment star Kayden Kross), which went viral shortly after posting and already has 2 MILLION+ views. Check it out here: http://youtu.be/KsMKOx6fumc. The video is directed by Brandon Dermer, who has since shot a Major Lazer video, as well as the new Wavves video.  Dermer had the chance to catchNEKROGOBLIKON performing in front of a small crowd of people at The Cobalt in Canoga Park, CA, immediately fell in love with the band, the rest is history. The video for ‘No One Survives’ ended up pulling in 1 million+ views in its first week of release.


Currently hailing from the grim metal locale of Los Angeles, CA, the band started as a summer side project of vocalist and keyboardist Nicholas Von Doom and guitarist and back-up vocalist Tim Lyakhovetskiy. Their debut album, Goblin Island, a musical hell-storm of goblin proportions, was recorded over the summer and early fall of 2006. They released it themselves on New Year’s Day of 2007.


NEKROGOBLIKON did the usual band-member musical chairs for a while, but their current line-up is both awesome and rad. After spending years playing numerous shows and honing their craft, they released their second full-length album, Stench (2011), which was produced by NEKROGOBLIKON with Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios and the Goblin Fortress.


NEKROGOBLIKON is proudly endorsed by Vic Firth, Halo Guitars and The Mountain Clothing. They recently appeared as several top-notch Euro festivals, including Download Festival, Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park, etc.




Nicholas Von Doom – Vocals, Keyboards

Tim Lyakhovetskiy – Guitars, Backup Vocals

Goldberg (Alex Alereza) – Guitars, Backup vocals

Fingers (Brandon Frenzel) – Bass

Bready (Eddie “Drifty” Trager) – Drums

Raptor (Aaron Minich) – Keyboards


Learn more about NEKROGOBLIKON at http://www.facebook.com/nekrogoblikon.


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