Boy am I glad the music industry is back in the hands of the musicians. Because of this bands are making the records they want to make, and they are damn good. Death Alley Motor Cult has made one of those DO NOT MISS records. Before we talk about the record let’s talk a bit about Death Alley Motor Cult. Comprised of four distinct individuals: Death Alley Dave – Vocals and Lead Guitar, Zero-G – Rhythm Guitar and backing Vox, The Falcon – Bass and backing vox
The Banker – Drums. Separately they are unique individuals, together they form a solid rocking unit. On to the record, The Outlaw Chronicles will take you on a brutal journey that you will want to go on again and again. Your journey starts with  “She Wants” which sets the pace for this sonic descent into the world of Death Alley Motor Cult. Like a fish hook in the mouth of a trout “Sex Parade” snags you with a solid groove and will have your fist pumping in the air. The lead off single “Bow Down” knocks on your eardrums and then simply kicks them in, full of aggression and power this is the PERFECT song for the pit. “Funk You” well, “C” makes it meaningful if you get my drift. “I’m Not Dead” gives one the self affirmation to stay strong and persevere, not dead, NEVER SAY DIE!  “Robot Bride” makes me think of blasting down the highway at about 90 with the sound CRANKED TO 11+!!! “Bad Ass Mutha” yes they are, and yes they mean it this one makes you feel like it too! “One More For The Road” keeps the pace til the very end, no slacking on this record. If you’re looking for a technical album, you won’t find it here. Loud, dirty, sleazy rock n’ roll with loud guitars, throbbing bass, pounding drums, and I just gargled with razorblades vocals is what you get with Death Alley Motor Cult!!! Kudos to Death Alley Motor Cult  for making a kickass record! Special thanks to Eddie’s Mates for turning me on to this band!

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion


  1. You want to bang your head or somebody elses? This is the kind of hammering beat you need to do it to…BANG’ll be glad you did.

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