!. Everything Everything

2. The Witch

3. Sugar Mama

4. The Sound

5.  Jealous Of The Rain

6. Painted Lady

7. Taste Your Fear

8. Feathers In A Hurricane

9. Long Way To Heaven

10. One

11. Saginaw Blues

12. Without You

13. Space And Time Collide


Remember when people made music for the love of music? I do and this is one of those records. I have been a fan of Tracii Guns and his guitar playing for many years. Through Early GNR,  LA Guns, Brides Of Destruction, Contraband, and his solo stuff  I have paid attention to what he was doing. I have been fortunate to have met him a couple of times throughout the years.

the Hellion and Tracii Guns

the Hellion and Tracii Guns

I was geeked when I heard of the Tracii Guns’ League Of Gentlemen project. Little did I know how great of a record this would turn out to be. TGLOG features Scott Foster Harris – lead vocals/acoustic guitar, Craig McCloskey – bass guitar/vocals, Tracii Guns – lead guitars/vocals, Doni Gray – drums/percussion/ vocals, and John Bird – keyboards/vocals. This record is from another time and place and it will transport you there as well. There is no reason to skip any of these track as this is a record that should be consumed by your ears in an entire dose. The soul and spirit of this record flows though you. One can feel the love these artists have for their craft. Scott’s vocals are pure and beautiful, Tracii shows a side of his playing the proves he belongs in the hall of guitar gods, Craig provides solid bass lines that helps to keep it all together, Doni gives the songs the perfect rhythm, and Johns’ keyboards set the tone of the record.  Emotions raging from melancholy to outright fun and everything in between fill this record. If I am hard pressed for stand outs on this record I would recommend the following: “The Sound”, Painted Lady”, “Long Way To Heaven”, and “Backside OF The Moon”. I think I am gonna start a campaign to get “The Sound” played on regular radio rotation, it’s that good. Check out the video and see for yourself: 


Thank you Tracii and crew for making this record and giving me hope for the future of new music!


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion



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