Hank 3 – Sunshine Theater 10/05/13



“Livin’ day by day’s all we can do.” – Hank 3

     There was a very diverse crowd outside of the Sunshine Theater Saturday night. Old, young, metal heads, country folk, all there to see Hank 3. I struck up a conversation with some very cool Native American youths in the crowd. They were decked out in Hank 3 gear and excited for the show. One guy said they anxiously peruse his website waiting for tour dates every year. Devoted and supportive fans indeed. I mentioned to them that I had had a very cool interview with Hank 3 the previous week:  handed them my card and they said they would check it out. We finally got in the venue and people mobbed the merch booth eagerly grabbing some of Hank 3’s kick ass gear. The die hards then packed themselves in against the barricade and waited in anticipation for the man himself to take the stage. We were in for a three hour set from Hank 3, and we were ready.

Die hard fans of Hank 3

Die hard fans of Hank 3

Hank 3 had told me during the interview that when the show says it starts at 8:00 pm, it starts at 8:00 pm and he was true to his word. The band hit the stage running and began their country set in earnest. Cranking out the old songs with the new and the fans singing along it was a truly enjoyable set.

Hank 3's country lineup.

Hank 3’s country lineup.

Hank 3

Hank 3

I grew up listening to Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr. and now I am listening to Hank 3. While Rock N’ Roll has always been my mainstay I can easily get behind the country stylings of Hank 3 because he brings the swagger and attitude of Rock N’ Roll to it. It was very refreshing to see the many rock fans step out of their boundaries and embrace his music.


Set two began with the members of the country line up leaving the stage (with the exception of stand up bassist Zach Shedd) and Hank 3 doing a minor clothing change. The two of them (plus a drummer whose name I did not catch) ripped into some “Hellbilly” music that, unless you were dead, had your head nodding and your feet tapping. A little bit of Rockabilly, a little bit of punk, this set was fast and furious and fun.

Hank 3 2nd set

Hank 3 2nd set

Zach Shedd

Zach Shedd

Hank 3’s final set of the evening yet again brought a quick clothing change and Zach leaving Hank 3 solo onstage. The lights went down and clips from Tribulation 99 a film by Craig Baldwin played on the screen above the stage. There was a greenish tint to the lighting and a pickup level light on the microphone stand. This led into the Third and final “Stoner/Doom” set. Heavy distortion on the guitar and vocals combined with the lighting and film backdrop made it a trippy and out of this world experience.

Hank 3 3rd set

Hank 3 3rd set

Hank 3 3rd set

Hank 3 3rd set

Going to a Hank 3 show is like going to three concerts in one. You leave a Hank 3 show tired but satisfied. I took this last shot in order for you to understand something about Hank 3. Those are the boots of a working man. And that is what Hank 3 is, what other performer do you know who performs a three hour set?  Thank you Hank 3, from the bottom of our twisted hearts.

Hank 3's boots

Hank 3’s boots


It’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s HANK 3!!!

-the Hellion








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