KILL DEVIL HILL releases Revolution Rise on 10/29/13



The first Kill Devil Hill record kicked everyone in the ass. The second, Revolution Rise, will not only kick your ass, it will crush your ears and your mind as well. Revolution Rise shows the growth of Kill Devil Hill as a band. If you are not familiar with them here is a quick rundown: in 2011 Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, Dio),Rex Brown (Pantera, Down), Mark Zavon (W.A.S.P.), Dewey Bragg (Pissing Razors) came together to create the force that is Kill Devil Hill.


Now, on to the new record Revolution Rise!



1. No Way Out
2. Crown Of Thorns
3. Leave It All Behind
4. Why
5. Wake Up The Dead
6. Long Way From Home
7. Where Angels Dare To Roam
8. Stained Glass Sadness
9. Endless Static
10. Stealing Days
11. Life Goes On

     The album opens dirty and nasty and grabs you right away and lever lets go. The vocals of Dewey Bragg have the right amount of power for  a band like Kill  Devil Hill. He knows when to sing clean and when to insert the insane metal screams to make your ears bleed. Mark Zavon brings some very tasty licks to the mix. Combing rhythm with leads he knows when the shred needs to be added to suit the track. The legendary Vinny Appice provides the thunder for Kill Devil Hill, and it is thunderous. It’s like having Thor come down from Asgard and sit in with your band. And then there’s Rex Brown, one of my personal favorite bassists. I have loved Rex’s bass lines for a long time now. I have seen Rex perform live and he is a chest crusher, it continues with Kill Devil Hill and on Revolution Rise.

     While it is hard to pick stand out songs on a record as good as Revolution Rise there are a few I have gone back to a couple of times.

     “Wake Up The Dead”- this track has a dark and heavy groove perfect for those scary nights

     “Stained Glass Sadness” – There are those thunderous drums in the intro and they lead into a track that has me closing my eyes and getting lost in my mind.

     “Crown Of Thorns” –  Yup, my neck already hurts from listening to this track, you know what I mean. In fact, here’s a listen:

     Kill Devil Hill – Revolution Rise final thoughts: This is a record to be enjoyed LOUDLY (so everyone around you can enjoy it as well) and with your favorite libation. It sounds great in your vehicle (warning: other drivers will think you insane as your rock your ass off to it.) I can only imagine the AWESOMENESS of these tracks performed live.

     It’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s KILL DEVIL HILL!!!

     -the Hellion

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