KING CREATURE – A band on the rise



Remember the first time you heard Pantera, Down, Black Label Society, or Alice In Chains? I do, and I got that same feeling the first time I heard King Creature. Hailing from the UK these lads, although young, know how to bring some serious Rock N’ Roll! Comprised of Dave Kellaway – Bass/Vocals, Matt K Vincent – Guitar/Backup Vocals, Dave Evans – Guitar, and Jack “DIRTY” Bassett – Drums.


King Creature stands poised on the brink of success. They recently made the top 25 in the Marshall Ultimate Band contest, not a small feet at all. Make sure you check this band out and keep them on your radar. They are on Facebook at: give them a like and help a young band realize their dream of bringing hard charging Rock N’ Roll to your ears! Here’s a taste of King Creature and their official video for “Wasted Life”:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s KING CREATURE!

     -the Hellion

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