What is music to me?


What is music? Wow, what a question. I’ll try to tell you what it is to me.

I remember being alone a lot when I was younger, I also remember a painful childhood. Yet there was always a friend around to whisk me away from reality, music. I would often find myself listening to the world around me and the music it contained. There were birds chirping, the wind in the trees or against a building, the rain, sometimes the music of people going about their lives. That was natural music and it lives within us all, it is primal.

I remember radio becoming a close friend to me as well. I would listen to the various stations open minded to all that I was hearing. Through it all Rock N’ Roll called to me and welcomed me with open arms. There was such feeling in the music, and I identified with it. I was carried away from the everyday world by Rush, Van Halen, Boston, Peter Frampton, KISS….on an on. I was safe with them and I felt good. I give thanks to the live DJs who turned me on to the music they were listening to. I remember being able to call them up late night and discuss music with them and learn of bands and songs that still hold meaning to me today.

Ahhh the rock show, I have many fond memories here. When I was old enough I started going to live concerts and experiencing live music. What a joy to hear the songs I had come to know and love in a live setting. It was magical to see the songs being played to the moment. There is nothing like a live song played with the passion and emotions of the artist in the now. It was a party going to a live show, no fighting (well not like today, there were a few at times), no animosity, such a gathering for a good time. You could find out about bands you might not have heard of yet from others and you could turn them on to bands you have discovered. It was FUN!!! No cellphones, no leaving before the show was over, you were on from the first note to the end. Then the post show hangout and discussions, oh the times we had.

The event  of a new release, yes I said event. Once upon a time there were music stores and that was their main focus. Many of us would read every scrap of print we could find in order to know about upcoming releases. We would hang around in the record store talking music, and about the bands we loved. When a new record came out we would eagerly shell out our hard earned bucks, race home heart pounding, rip off the plastic, smell the fresh vinyl, drop the needle, and escape into the album artwork and liner notes.

What is music? Well, to me it is life, love and who we are. Our styles and preferences may change throughout the years but that love lives on within us. It is a different world today, the demise of the big labels, record stores closing, live radio traded for corporate canned programming. And yet, I raise my horns high and rock on as I have always done. The spirit lives on in me as I know it does in others and I am taking it back from the corporate world and I am gonna pass this message on to the world. Go to a live show, buy a t-shirt, buy a physical copy of the bands music, read the liner notes, TALK to people at a show, live the music because it lives in you.


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL (and I love it)

-the Hellion

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