Let’s talk about Black Label Society

download     With the recent departure of Nick “Evil Twin” Catanese laying heavy on my thoughts, and the abundance of posts littering the internet, I have decided to talk about Black Label Society and my views.



In 1998 when Zakk established Black Label Society he called together a family that knows no bounds. Yes I said family don’t get me wrong,  there are fans of Black Label Society as well, but there is a Black Label Society Family that is like no other.

Over the years I have had the chance to get to know certain Family members and had the great fortune to call them Brothers and Sisters. This Family shares in the joys and sorrows of each other and stands strong in its support of one another.

When there is a BLS event near or far you can be sure the Family will gather and great times will ensue. The Family members that make the gathering share pictures and stories with the ones who were unable to attend thus making them feel a part of the event. Some family members even pick up swag for those that couldn’t go.

Let’s talk about GI/FD, SDMF.

Strength, Determination, Merciless, Forever: yup we are all that and then some. I have those words tattooed on my arm and I look at them every day. They are my mantra in this crazy world, they give me balance. Let’s examine these words one at a time.


     STRENGTH: It comes in many ways and from many sources. One has to be strong when others need it, and one needs the strength to accept help when it is needed and given.

DETERMINATION: In today’s throw a way world it is easy to say “screw it” and give up. Giving up is not the BLS Family way period. The support given by our Brothers and Sisters keeps your heart in the game and gives you the determination to power through the rough times, Determination indeed.

MERCILESS: Woe be to those who try to tear us asunder. We are Merciless to those naysayers and those that doubt who we are. United we shall  stand for all time.

FOREVER: This Family is eternal beyond forever. There are Family members who have passed on out of our world and yet they remain with us in the pictures, posts, lives, and hearts in this world. There are far too many Family members that are important to me to give individual shout outs but as you read this you’ll know who you are and my respect and love for you runs deep. I thank you from the bottom of my Black Bleedin’ heart.

GI/FD: Get It Fucking Done indeed, don’t just talk about it do it! There are so many people out there who never do anything. They plan and think “if only”, “I wish” ….on and on. Enjoy what we have and share that joy with others. You will be amazed at how full your life will become.

Thank you Father Zakk for calling us together, we will be here  and will stand beside you Beyond Forever.

BLS Family: Yeah we’re Family and I like to think that the strength and power of the Family Zakk called together blows his mind, or maybe it’s what he intended all along…….


     -the Hellion


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