Lynam – Halfway To Hell EP



1. Rise Up
2. Halfway To Hell
3. Dead Mans Parade
4. Cold
5. Store Bought Halo
6. Wrong Side Of The Grave

     Are you ready for a dose of hard charging, balls out Rock N’ Roll? Lynam delivers with their new EP Halfway To Hell. It’s all here: catchy hooks, swagger, great image, and songs that you’ll find yourself humming well after the CD is over. Dirty guitar driven songs are what you find here and I, for one, sure missed them. Bringing to mind the fun and spectacle of the 80’s, but with their own style and flavor Lynam has a hit on their hands.

    Lynam is comprised of Jacob Bunton – Vocals/Guitar, David Lynam – Drums/Vocals, Lonny Paul – Guitar/Vocals, Mark Dzier- Bass/Vocals. These boys have done their homework on their influences. Motley Crue, Foo Fighters, Guns N Roses, Greenday are but some of their inspirations.

     Hell I can’t even find a stand out track on this record because they are all worth listening to, over and over and over. Gang vocals behind a top notch singer, sleazy guitars, nasty bass lines, all held together by a tight drummer makes this all work.

     I HIGHLY recommend this record, it’s like those potato chips “once you start listening to it , you can’t stop”!

     Check out Lynam on the web:

     Here’s the lyric video for “Halfway To Hell” :

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s LYNAM!!!

     the Hellion

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