Black Label Society – “My Dying Time” from the upcoming release ‘Catacombs Of The Black Vatican’



Ok I admit it, I am biased when it comes to Black Label Society. I also admit to purchasing the new track “My Dying Time” the minute it became available. I have taken some time to absorb the track and see what the public thought of it as well. Give it a listen and we’ll talk about it:

     So, some say it is a departure from the traditional BLS sound, I say it just reflects the progression of Zakk as a performer and a person. We cannot expect an artist to become pigeonholed by a “sound”. If we do, we get the same record over and over again.


     “My Dying Time” imparts a heavy groove that combined with the hypnotic vocals takes us on a doom laden trip into the Catacombs Of The black Vatican. The track is nicely layered with great production quality. It reminds me of early Sabbath or a song from times gone by when music meant something.  The naysayers have come out of the woodwork to cast their aspersions on Zakk and co. To the naysayers I say this: How many records have you sold? Where are you playing tonight? What have you done for the music world? What is stopping you from proving your point? Bring it on and I, for one, would love to hear it and give it a chance without prejudice. As Zakk would say GI/FD!

     Thanks Father Zakk and we’re waiting patiently for the rest of the record!

     it’s loud, it’s full of ‘roids, it’s laced with Viagra, it’s BLACK LABEL SOCIETY!!!

     SDMF my BLS Family!

     -the Hellion

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