WARNING: RANT INSIDE! When fans get involved in band business.


I’m gonna rant today. I have interviewed a lot of musicians over the years. Some of them I have connected with and remain friends with. By friends I mean we exchange phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. While with others I am sure I am forgotten as soon as the phone is hung up or the camera is turned off. Within all of this I have become privy to band business and drama. I have been asked for advice and been a sounding board for various band members. ALL OF WHICH REMAIN BEHIND THE SCENES AS IT SHOULD BE.

I have recently seen a trend in social media where fans try to involve themselves in band business. I am of the opinion that fans need to support the band and their music and leave the business to them. I, for one, am not on any bands payroll and thus I have no say in their business. It’s ok to have an opinion, and yes bands put themselves in the public eye, but negativity breeds negativity and the music world needs to  come together and unite. I’m just sayin..

-the Hellion

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